The bright stars of Virgo are considered by many to be the most important in the whole heavens. Virgos most admirable traits are discernment, tactfulness, intelligence, and industriousness.

     The stars of Virgo cover the sky from September 14th till October 15th in real time;  in the tropical zodiac, the season from August 20th till September 20th.

     The woman in the sky expresses her dual nature by holding a branch, the seed of which is Spica, the end resulf being bread.  This constellation is often called the House of Bread, or in Hebrew, Bethlehem. 

     Which influence is most at home in the Discriminating sign of Virgo? Is it coolly mental, fastidious Mercury, bringing bewinged good news, making this a cerebral sign? Or Chiron, the first shaman who descended into the spirit world, with tales to tell of unfathomable wisdom? As with any of the coruled signs, Virgo has the dual task of reconciling its nature both from within it's innate duality, and from without, in it's attempt to follow two masters. A most difficult task, attempted by a most complex character; either scintillating success or total disaster is the fate of a Virgo.

     Mercury is our continuing evolution of being aware of ourselves; Chiron as the First Shaman has another way of saying we are aware and awake.

     Virgo imbues all which pass beneath its stars with some part of its gravity, discretion, efficiency, contemplation, prudence, and industry.

      Venus, the Golden Girl of the zodiac, is at a distinct disadvantage in Virgo;  all that she attracts she sniffs, and finds repellent.  Neptune is in its detriment as the formless, boundless orb can't stand to be dissected and pinned down.  These issues have to be worked around and reworked in the chart before they can be worked out or work for us!!

Virgo in the Sacred Tarot


     The Hermit fills the space of Virgo in card form in the Sacred Tarot.

     The Hermit in this symbolic card demonstrates the search for wisdom and honesty in the inner and outer worlds. . 
Among it's many mysteries, The Hermit reminds us that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and we should take the power of communication seriously.

     The Magician encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Virgo as the planet Mercury, the medium of communicating wisdom, and the discretionary capacity to do so or no. 

     The Magician reminds us that everything that happens above us affects the levels beneath us, and vice versa.
Among its many mysteries, The Magician reminds us that mathematics is a way of mirroring God.

     If you were born between September 17th and the 27th...

     then your indicator card is the 8 of disks in the Sacred Tarot.
     This card is connected with the stars of the constellation of Coma, the Desired. These would be considered your Rising Stars to the Ancient astrologers.
     In the Tarot, the 8 of disks signifies concentration upon the task at hand, as perfection is the only desired end. 


     If you were born between the 27th and the 5th of October...

     your pip card is the 9 of disks, your rising stars are those of the Centaur. 
     This card signifies satisfaction with the rewards of virtue. 


or October 5th through the 17...
     your card is the 10 of disks. Your stars are those of Bootes, the Herdsman.
     The 10 of disks reflects completion of an earthly task or material endeavor, which is a breaking of ground in a higher dimension.

     The natural scent of Virgo is lavender.  

     Mercury the planet rules this sign, so logically enough, the metal is mercury too.  

    The traditional gemstones are sapphire, jade, peridot or pink jasper. 

    Additionally, the ametrine can be used to stabilize the balance between spirituality and ones daily life, which is so important to a Virgo.  This stone is said to aid in bringing the spiritual values and abilities into daily use, and support
spirituality as a way of life.      

    A good choice of fabric for the basic Virgo is canvas; casual, strong, goes everywhere, never wears out, and  you get your moneys worth!  

   Typical Virgo foods are wheat, barley, honey, corn, licorice.  

     These associations give the prudent Virgo a deeper insight into his nature and place in the world.   

     Your words of knowledge are, 'At last!  This is what I have been waiting for!!'

     The Virgo garden shows aster, heather, lavender, myrtle, pink geranium, fern, gentian, caraway,  celery, sassafras, savory, valerian, aster, fennel, azalea, dill, and mulberry, with a beautiful woman or angel holding the cornucopia, or the
Mother Mary in the center.

   The most effective pilgrimage for a Virgo, or anyone with a strong influx of influence from Good News would be to Notre Dame de Dalbade Toulouse in France.  A further visit to ones ancestral home would complete the journey.

     The most responsive place to establish a shrine would be a garden, cornfield, any place where fruit and vegetables are kept and where hay, wheat, barley, cheese or butter are stored; any place where books, papers, maps, charts, planes, or medicines are stored.  Establish the shrine with the tone of F.


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