The stars of the Celestial Gardner shine forth in the early morning skies as our sun rises now!!  Virgo, the queen of the heavens, with a seed in her hand, reigns with discerning eye as sharp as the sheaf she bears.

     The names of the stars of the sign itself include Who Shall Come Down,  to the Branch Who Comes, who is The Deliverer, the Seed of Corn (Spica), The Branch, Who Shall Come Down and Have

Dominion, Gloriously Beautiful, The Deliverer, Who Carries.


     The Ancients considered that the stellar year began with this sign, which champions motherhood, agriculture, and the feeding of the masses.


    The shades of the Gardner are grey and yellow-green.  


     The Virgo nature encompasses strength, as in the Tarot card of that name, and even more importantly, adaptability.  Virgo is a scientist, a physicist, an explorer and a healthy sceptic.  She is both a reliable leader and a valuable team player and support system!  Virgo is punctual and self reliant, dependable, and a real cramp in the gut when being antagonistic.

     The distressed Virgo in the World will struggle and flail with irreconsilable scepticism, pitting their rationality and reason against what they know in their hearts. 


     That particular shade of yellow-green (lime) energy helps release toxins from all the bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Remember this when Virgo turns toxic in behavior!!  Use limes in cool ice water to counter their effects. 

The Sun, Our Daystar

     Today the Centaur, Chiron, the Wounded Healer and keeper of traditions, goes before the sun.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Sin Offering, The Pierced, and The Despised.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are thoughtful, meditative, patient, and considerate.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 


     The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens.

     Mercury, our orb of communication, clicks through Libra, where we become skeptical and a bit disputatious!  Politics!!!








That phantom moon which science swears could not exist but which astronomers have seen on many occasions, Vulcan, finds its way into the details of life.

Venus enters sidereal Libra from whence she rules manners and etiquette.  Good tidings there! What a chance to improve our character, refine our ideals!

Venus has become the evening star for the rest of 2019, so romance is very much in order, as well as finance.  Venus in Libra is excellent for balanceing the love of money with the joy we can spread with it!  We know now too that we must be able to distinguish between love, and lust, in both realms.  Venus rules love and value, but lust is a whole different animal, akin to Martian greed, arrogance, domination.  


She has no retrogrades in 2019, but will turn backwards in May of 2020 till June 24th.  Let's plan ahead now!!  This retrograde will not be time to make any change in our portfolio, buy new stocks, get married, begin a new romance or friendship, or begin anything of value.  




Mars transit through virtuous Virgo marks a time when we are critical of everyone and everything, including ourselves.  We can become depressed, or discontent.  The Wise way to handle this is to listen to the truth spoken by others, those who love and partner with us, that we can see our worth through their eyes!!!

Mars will retrograde in September 2020, from the 9th till November 13th, in his own sign of Aries.  Let's plan ahead now to wear head protection at all times, to get into the habit!  We can mark on our 2020 planner to reinspect any metallic tool or weapon, and to consider a new sport or game.







Our business sense is only clear and productive when we root out the secrets and scandals and straighten it all out.  Jupiter is unending them all in Scorpio.  The smell will reach high heaven.  As the giant is direct in the sign of skullduggery, we can expect the blast to reach just that high too!


On November 4th through the 8th, Jupiter will sit at 29 karmic degrees of Scorpio.  It is important that we break no law during this period, and if we have some atonement, something to make up for, some restitution, it is doubly valid now!

On the 9th through the 14th of November the great one enters it's own sign of Sagittarius, the law, The Law, and all things legal, teetering at 0 degrees.  We notice that the most important and wide reaching justice occurs during this window.  What a time we will have then!!  If we have travel plans, they will go splendidly!  If we have a religious retreat or a pilgrimage, even better!!!




     Saturn rides through sidereal Sagittarius, pointing us in the right direction when it comes to the law, the Law, travel, school, scheduling, or journeys near or far having to do with our religious views.  

     At his best, Saturn can steady all the wild sky horses with sober calm, turning their tricks into reigns to guide our own inner drives with a more mature hand.  

     Saturn is all about form, walls, and watching.  We have discovered this in 2019.  As our year ends, Saturn the iron fisted giant and Pluto, the destroyer from within, will conjunct... it turns one bilious to even think about it!!









Uranus, the cosmic hand grenade, blasts through Aries, the sign of All or Nothing At All.  Our sudden impulses and tracks seem so intense!!  As autumn falls upon us, he will rocket backwards through the Spring Lamb like a jai lai ball!!  Sports, military maneuvers, policing issues and leadership opportunities will be reevaluated and straightened out at a much more sedate pace, but, expect surprises to come out of nowhere!  Let's be ready to think on our feet, Star Travelers!   This can be a fun time full of exploration, innovation, experimentation.   

     Our faculties of Inspiration are under the bluegreen mists of Neptune, the orb of idealismand music, as it buoys through Aquarius, the sign of ideas, brotherhood, idealism, and innovation.  This  inspires delightful forms and colors for a future that is more out of this world than of it.   

     Currently retrograde till November 24th, we find our minds crystal clear, our reasoningability a bit cold.  A perfect window for studying without passion or prejudice, the most confusing and complicated of issues.  

     Pluto, the fateful, fitful energy orb which can open our eyes to what is really there in front of us cruises in the sign of true blue Sagittarius.  Our core beliefs about religion, the law, The Law, education, and foreign affairs will be challenged, turned upside down and inside out, and we are wise to move through slowly to examine our own innards to see what is really going on there.  Sagittarius is the great Truth Seeker.  Let's not disappoint Him! With courage, dignity, and grace, we can refine and now redefine who and what we are, in our inner reality.  As Pluto next visits the sign of government, dads everywhere, the corporate culture, we can emerge much more sure of ourselves and our beliefs and principles by engaging with Fate now!










     Chiron in Pisces helps us heal all health and welfare issues through our feelings!!

     The planette which keeps watch on the home fires, Vesta, flipflops in Pisces. We are this way and that on just about everything!!








     Our spousal planette Juno dances and chatters in Gemini, in a rare good mood!!









     Our health and welfare issues can be fixed if we want to take the time to go back and work on our inner emotional issues.  With the planette Chiron, our Wounded Healer, retrograde in Pisces now, real success is possible when using color, theater, drama, or past life therapy. 








     Pallas, the planettary BFF and sister in arms, sits in the sign of the celestial Gardner, Virgo, where she rules.








Mom and things mom


The planette Ceres, the cook of the solar system, bakes up wonders in Scorpio.










This marks the fifth complete lunation for this year.


     The planette Ceres, the cook of the solar system, bakes up wonders in Scorpio.











     This is the 6th lunation for the year of the Pig, or Wild Boar, 2019.

     I like pigs!!!

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