It's Great to be a Taurus!!!

     The unmistakable stars of Taurus were painted by Cro-Magnon deep in the caverns and grotto walls.  Cheerful industriousness, loyalty, fidelity, and an appreciation for all qualities under the sun are the most marked Taurean traits.   

       The nature of Taurus is that of the nature of the earth itself;   so sacred, so varied, so holy, where does one begin?  With the Pleiades, on the shoulder, called the Beehive?  Or with the star called, 'Bullseye!'  since times so ancient we dare not date them.    

   Somehow we never seem so secure in our spirituality as when we are loftily dismissing the things of the earth.  Yet we are not now disembodied spirits, and most of us have no desire to return thus forever.  What a duel dilemma!

     The celestial Bull is where Venus, the celestial Golden Girl makes her true home.  Venus the Golden Girl is that glittering, sought after celestial influence which brings the golden touch:  beauty, riches, romance, good cheer, good friends, and good times, as well as quick cash and good fortune.  She bestows her many gifts with a lavish hand she can really bowl you over.  Her worldly attributes are always the most sought after by wordings, and the least attained:  popularity, recognition, and abundant earthly rewards.   This is the time to get rich in the worldly sense, and to remember the unfortunate when you do.        

     It is in the spiritual realm where we appreciate this influence the most, and the keenest however, for the Golden Girl reveals our state of communion with the rest of humanity.  This influence as sacrament represents the mystical mingling of our earthly flesh with essence of the Divine.   Unless our mingling with both our brethren and our soul is daily, cheerful, natural, and sought after, like the Influence itself, it is not a blessed but a dead thing.  


     The sun in Taurus endows everything which passes through it's stars with fruitfulness, stability, endurance, composure, and practicality.




     The Heirophant fills the space of Taurus in card form in the Sacred Tarot.

     The Heirophant, like the Pope, or Phaeroh, in this symbolic card demonstrates the importance of tradition, myth, storytelling, and story keeping in
human society, and it's mirroring of the divine Plan.  It also clearly shows as above, so below.           

     Among it's many mysteries, The Heirophant reminds us that we are in the position to be judged, and we must judge accordingly. 


     The Empress encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Taurus as Venus, the Golden Girl from whom all good things spring.  Venus is known as Christs' star also.

     The Empress is clearly The Woman Clothed With The Sun mentioned in Revelation. 

     Among its many mysteries, The Empress reminds us of the mystery of Eden and New Jerusalem.

    If you were born between May 15th and 25th your rising stars are that of Orion, the Hunter.  This mighty captain, skilled huntsman, warrior and all around fun guy was immortalized at death along with his dogs, and the Scorpion that killed him.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are constant in affections and tenacious, with strong likes and dislikes. 

      Your identification card is the 5 of disks in the Sacred Tarot.  The 5 of disks signifies a loss of focus on the Light, as we become poor and poorer when we focus on our own material wealth.          


    If you were born between the 25th of May and the 5th of June your rising stars are those of the River Eridanus.  Many consider the Nile its earthly counterpart. Those people and relationships born under these stars are deliberate, conservative, with unusually active minds and studious, forceful personalities. 

     Your Tarot ID card is the 6 of disks, which scene is one of charity and alms, given to those who need, and not to those who do not, as water finds its own level.  A great mystery.               


     If you were born between June 5th through the 15th...  your stars are those of Auriga the Shepherd.  This ancient body of stars has close associations with Hephaestus, the smithy husband of Venus. Though skilled at making jewelry and armor, he was persona non grata among the gods, especially by his flighty wife.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are careful, patient, stable, enduring, and of thrifty and careful spirit.

     Your Tarot ID is the 7 of disks,  reflecting the tasks of planting and husbanding the plants; much work, and we must consider always the cost.


   The Apostle Andrew is the living link to Taurus to the Greek Scriptures, as is Asher of rich and royal dainties to the Hebrew Testament.

     The natural scent of Taurus is bergamot, verbena and lilac.  Copper and brass are the Venusian metals, with the emerald, star sapphire, or turquoise as the most widely accepted gem.  The prudent Taurus would add lepidolite to this list, as this stone brings understanding of suffering and pain to the wearer.  It is said to open and release pain and suffering layer upon layer, called the Cross of St. Michael.  It is said to bring acceptance, calm, trust in life and in God, healing fear at its source.

    The Taurean material is leather, but also flax, and cotton solids.  Foods include, beside everything in creation, are beans, cocoa, beef, spinach, and wheat, in addition to anything sweet.  

     These associations give the prudent Taurus a deeper insight into his nature and place in the world.   

     Your words of knowledge are, 'Feeling stronger every day!'   

      The Taurus garden sports columbine, daisy, larkspur, lily, daffodil, orchid, clover, lilac, peppermint, bergamot, catnip, golden seal, lemongrass, sage, thyme, birch and ivy, with a bull, elephant, or polar bear in the middle.

     The most effective pilgrimage for Taurus or for anyone with a strong influx of the influence of the Golden Girl would be Orleans Cathedral in France.

     The most effective shrine would be in a bank, a jewelry box, a stable or dairy, pastures, wheat or corn field; any middle room, or middle house on a block.   Dedicate the shrine in the key of D.   


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