The natural scent of Scorpio is patchouli, which is sometimes called graveyard dust. Most people really love this scent, it has very spiritual qualities.

     The metal is fine spun steel.'

     Although the topaz, lodestone, or bloodstone are the most associated gems, a wise magickal Scorpio would seriously commend the aqua aura crystal, with it's ability to bring light into the throat for healing and expressing emotions, for increasing the awareness of inner truth, and for encouraging others to live out their spirituality.

     Scorpios material is anything recycled, or a pattern resembling snakeskin.

     The foods are anything scarlet red and black, truffles, oats, and artichokes.


     These associations give the prudent magickal Scorpio a deeper insight into her nature and place in the world.

     Your words of wisdom are, 'I am taking myself to the heights!'

     The Scorpio garden features chrysanthemum, orchid, violet, dogwood, eucalyptus, foxglove, raspberry, hops, rye, unicorn root, and periwinkle, with a treasure chest at the center.

     The most effective pilgrimage for Scorpio or anyone with a strong influx of Energy influence would be Notre Dame de Paris in France. A further visit to the Holocaust memorials in Germany or Poland, or at Hiroshima, would complete your destination.

     The most effective shrine would be in a low garden, vineyard, muddy stream, small pond, operating room, bathroom, a recycle station, compost heap, junk yard, crematorium or incinerating plant. Dedicate the shrine in the key of E.

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    This trans-mutative sign is always awash in mystery, controversy, and change. The enduring qualities of Scorpio are regenerative, healing, forgiving and resurgent.

     Scorpio's time ranges from November 16th till December 16th in real time;  the seasonal dates are October 20th till November 20th.

     The Scorpion is widely known for not only duality, but three levels of it. The serpent is the lowest and most primitive emanation; the eagle is the average everyday Scorpio one meets at Starbucks, with the Phoenix rising through self sacrifice to become the eternal star of an immortal heavens.
Both Martian enthusiasm and Plutonian Fate (or Minerva)  are at home in Scorpio, and some suggest a third body. Duality in rulership may be compared to living in a house divided against itself.

     Enthusiastic Mars lights a fire underneath us while making us at home.  This influence lets displays how willing and skilled we are in letting our actions speak louder than our words.

     The influence we know as Pluo, or Minerva, is that little powerhouse recently demoted to a planetoid or asteroid status- what a joke!  Born with the Atom bomb, the Nazi era, the original gangsters of the 30s, this little revolutionary leaps up from the subconscious fully armored and ready to rock, as her name implies.  Minerva causes change from within at bedrock level, evolving and purifying the inner person from the ground up; change that cannot be undone or turned back, but is willed by Heaven. This can be harsh if one fights oneself, or gets in ones own way, but a serene transition to higher things if one goes along.

     The influence of Minerva is both a recording angel, and is an allegory of our giving up ourselves for our new life as galactic citizens.

     Venus, bright goddess of the golden zodiac, sucks in Scorpio.  She attracts the worst possible people and outcomes.  If we have Venus in Scorpio, and she is never far from the sun, we have to work around and rework our powers of attraction through the rest of our natal chart.

     The moon in Scorpio is its' worst position, the shadow side of ourselves down in the murky darkness of muck.  We frequently don't know ourselves with the moon here, and must work around the moon to shed light on our relationship with our self.


     Scorpio sheds upon all which pass through its stars its' own tenacity, penetrative perceptiveness, eloquence, devotion, fearlessness and passion for the Right!

     Death fills the space of Scorpio card form in the Sacred Tarot.

     Death in this symbolic card demonstrates the overcoming of the world, the flesh, and the Devil, through the natural process of letting the hold they have
over us die away. It also clearly shows our connection to Immortality.  

     Among it's many mysteries, Death reminds us that the more things change, the more they stay the same.                                        




     The Last Judgment encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Scorpio as Pluto, the last source of wisdom and influence in the solar system, the underworld in the cosmos.                                    

     The Last Judgment reminds that matter cannot be destroyed, it just changes form; that we will be remembered for everything we have said; and that the life to come awaits us.

     Among its many mysteries, The Last Judgment reminds us of the mystery of Resurrection.  Christianity is the only religion which incorporates this Truth.      

     If you were born between November 17th and 27th, your rising stars are those of Serpens, the Serpent. These stars and those of the Serpent Bearer are related to herbal healing, alternative holistic medicine, and the rising of kundalini energies. Those people and relationships born under these stars are dominant, positive, determined to have their way in all matters, and would be wise to practice restraint and patience.

     Your Tarot ID card is the 5 of cups, which signifies memory, and how it may sometimes overcome the present in our contemplation of happiness.  Memory, like Ophiuchus, can be a great healer, but we can't live in the past.




     If you were born between the 27th and the 7th of December, your rising stars are those of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer.  These stars and those of the Serpens are related to herbal healing, holistic or alternative medicine, and the rising of kundalini energies. Those people and relationships born under these stars have dualistic tendencies and are very changeable and unpredictable.

     Your Tarot ID is the 6 of cups.  The scene here is one of the joys of childhood, games and gifts, and the past.  Again, the past may be a bit like the Serpent, as we tend to remember only the good things.




     If you were born between December 7th and the 17th, your rising stars are those of  Hercules, the Hero Kneeling.  This hero is also known as Gilgamesh, and has close associations with all sun heros, including Christ, Krishna, and the future divine avatar. The number 12 is important to all such people.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are highly emotional, imaginative, changeable, and proud of nature.

     Your Tarot ID card is the 7 of cups, asking you to make a Scorpio choice, as in who is our master, whom do we serve, ourselves, our appetites, our illusion, our shadow; or The Lord God?

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