The Centaur poses across the skies from December 16th till January 14th, in real time;  from November 22nd till the Winter Solstice, the 21st of December, in seasonal astrology. Her best traits are determined optimism, calm courage, and grace under fire. She is perhaps best known for his frequent faux pas, hence her ability to laugh at herself. God and Goddess bless the Centaur!

     The duality of the human being here is blatantly expressed as a half human with a horses ummm....; goodness, how many times have we witnessed this in everyday life??

     Only Jupiter, king of the gods, the Supersizer is big enough to rule the Centaur.  As long as the Supersizer, a source of generosity and abundance, remains in his own broadminded sign of Sagittarius, we will prosper and enlarge everything having to do with travel, school, foreign affairs, the church and theology, law and the legal business.  These areas of human endeavor continue to blossom in spite of circumstances.  It would be wise not to jump out of the stock market just yet, nor would I give up on a competition, or conflict, on foreign soil, while the heavens remain thus intent on working things out above.  

     The Supersizer is connected with the sacrament of holy matrimony, hence 'lawful wedlock.'  While in his own sign, this angelic influence will connect many soulmates and bind those who so desire to be bound.  On the psychic level, finding ones' other half is a prerequisite to serious spiritual study in most disciplines.

     The South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius finds us in grand pursuit of our next challenge, successfull and glorified!!  The North Node here tells us we have to do the last life over and over again till we get it right!

     Mercury here grants the native a tendency toward prophecy and a good memory;  unfortunately, the orb of communication in Sagittarius is in detriment, so no one will be able to understand or apply the wisdom so spoken.  A good many faux pas, but many more Nostradamian type riddles!



   Simon Peter fits so well the profile of Sagittarius, when we read of his fiery forthrightness and backsliding.  In the Hebrew Scriptures we find reference to Benjerman.     



     Sagittarius bestows upon all which pass through it's stars sincerity, frankness, prophecy, uncompromising integrity, and good sportsmanship.

    Temperence fills the space of Sagittarius in card form in the Sacred Tarot.

     Temperence in this symbolic card demonstrates the principle of successfully intergrating the spiritual with the emotional and material sides of life.  Note the iris which grow on the watery edge of the stream of consciousness, and the bright dawn light glowing beyond the mountains.  

      Among it's many mysteries, Temperence reminds us that God is only a prayer away.  


     The Wheel of Fortune encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Sagittarius as the planet Jupiter, the Surpersizer.  Incorporating angels, sphynxs, and serpents,  The Wheel of Fortune reminds us of the vicissitudes of life, the ups and downs, sorrow and joys, dangers and charms.             


      If you were born between December 16th and 26th, your rising starts are those of Lyra the Harp.  Lyra was the enchanting lyre made from a tortoise shell by Hermes. Those people and relationships born under these stars are endowed with intellectual qualities, with a lofty sense of justice and wisdom, are unusually sensitive, and are attracted by tenderness and trust.  

     Your Tarot ID card is the 8 of wands, signifing swiftness and communications which fly swiftly,  much as music, flying througth our souls with the power to alter moods, states of mind, thus the outcome of any event.   

     If you were born between the 26 of December and the 6th of January your rising sign is the Altar, Ara. This signifies a Holy Place. Those people and relationships born under these stars are adventurous, fearless, and forceful, very courageous, and determined to succeed.  

     Your Tarot ID pip card is the 9 of wands.  The scene here is one of preparedness.  We have fought and been wounded, and prepare to fight again.  On whose altar do our prayers for victory arise?       


     If you were born between the 6th and the 16th of January your rising sign is Draco the Dragon.   This is the starry abode of Tiamet of Babylon, whose chief star Thuban was once the North star.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are dignified, loyal, enthusiastic, born leaders, full of enterprise, loving change and reform.

     Your Tarot ID card is the 10 of wands, a burden great, heavy, and willingly carried, as the serpent carries the burden of guilt for the Fall.



     The natural scent of Sagittarius is lime, sandalwood and myrrh.

     It's metal is tin.

     The gem is turquoise or topaz as the traditional gems. Tourmaline should be considered for the Centaur too, as this wonderful stone is adept at detoxification and release. It acts as a protective shield, strengthens the hara line, heals fear and panic, and encourages rootedness by making the person feel more welcome on the earth plane itself.

     The perfect fabric or material for the modern Sagittarius is spandex, like in Speedos, or rubber.

     The foods are any imported, plus chestnuts, figs, currants, maple syrup and asparagus.

    These associations give the prudent Sagittarius a deeper insight into her nature and place in the world.

    Your words of knowledge are, 'I am dancing as fast as I can!!'

    The Sagittarius garden highlights paperwhite narcissus, Christmas cactus, dandelion, magnolia, agrimony, cardamom, sandalwood, hyssop, roses, red clover, sage, maple, pinks and chestnuts, with an arrow in the center.

     The most effective pilgrimage for a Sagittarian or anyone with a strong influx of influence from the Super sizer would be Amiens Cathedral in France.

    The most effective place to establish a shrine would be the highest point in the land, hills, ground that rises higher than the surrounding country; the topmost room in the house, place near fire, or where it has been; stables for war horses or race horses. Establish the shrine in the tone of Fb.

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