The Magickal Fishes pursue themselves across the star-studded skies from March 14th till April 15th in real time;  in the seasonal zodiac, from February 19th till March 21st, the Vernal Equinox. This intriguing constellation consists of two fish, one upright and the other facing left, and one band, linking them. Pisces most pronounced traits are real empathy, sustaining compassion, and emotional alchemy.

    The ruling influences of Pisces are Jupiter the Supersizer and the font of Inspiration, Neptune.     

      Jupiter The Supersizer is the Great Benefic in that is supersizes everything and anything.  If one has a gift to share, the Supersizer turns those 5 fish into a meal for 5 thousand.  If it happens to be a capacity for thieving, the Supersizer makes one a master thief, with a Robin Hood complex.  In this light, the Piscean scope for drama, for any extreme, is understandable.

     The Supersizer is connected with the sacrament of holy matrimony, hence 'lawful wedlock.'  While in his own sign, this angelic influence will connect many soulmates and bind those who so desire to be bound.  On the psychic level, finding ones' other half is a prerequisite to serious spiritual study in most disciplines.

      Neptune, source of real Inspiration is coruler of Pisces, called the higher octave of Venus the Golden Girl.  This can also effect us as Intoxication, Delusion, Addiction, and Debauchery.  It depends on how the native will receive her that Inspiration gives her graces.

     Any of the dually ruled signs is a complex one to navigate.  The soul, naturally divided from the spirit, must first reconnect from within; then the integrated character must live an alchemical formula to successfully recombine the two seeming masters.  


     Venus, the lesser benefic, golden girl of the cosmos, is exalted in Pisces, where she attracts the very best of the very best!  She is considered a close octave of Neptune, the coruler of the Enchanted Fishes.


     Mercury in Pisces blathers, bleats and lacks poetry, no matter how deeply he feels it in the Piscean soul.  This can be worked around and reworked for our lives to work to the best!

     The Apostolic link to Pisces is Nathanial, Zebulon by the sea in the Hebrew Testamenet.


     The stars of Pisces enliven all that pass through them Art, as in art, music, poetry, rhythm, in their very soul.

     The Moon fills the space of Pisces in card form in the Sacred Tarot.

     The Moon in this symbolic card demonstrates our deep connection to Nature,to Mother Nature who is the mother of us all, and our instincts which are still intact.  It also clearly shows our dark, or shadow side, which may come out into the luminous creation.  

     Among it's many mysteries, The Moon reminds us that we are only whole when we are in touch with our souls, which are not concrete, daylight parts of ourselves.





     The Hanged Man encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Pisces as the planet Neptune,  the source of inspiration, poetry, music, addiction, delusion, and hope

     The Hanged Man reminds that all things worth doing, are worth sacrifice.  Among its many mysteries, The Hanged Man reminds us that wisdom requires that we root our feet in heaven and view the world upside down to see it properly.

     If you were born between March 15th and 25th, your rising stars are those ofThe Bands, which bind the Fishes together. These stars have several modern names, including The Lizard, but anciently they were seen to be the bridle which bound together two fish going in opposite directions. Those people and relationships born under these stars are artistic, scientific, inventive, unpredictable, with marked spiritual tendencies.  

     Your Tarot ID card is the 8 of cups, which signifies the spirit of solitude and withdrawl, that binds us to the divine and eternal. 


     If you were born between the 25th of March and the 5th of April your rising sign is the beautiful princess Andromeda, The Ruler of Men. This girl was her fathers daughter, he a reigning king.  Her mom was the beautiful queen,  but the princess Andromeda became a victim of others boastfulness and vanity, and was sacrificed on the alter of Divine vengeance! Luckily, a hero wandered by and rescued her, sea monster dying instead! Those people and relationships born under these stars are domestic, idealistic, and home loving with a real dislike of dissension and combativeness.

     Your Tarot IDcard is the 9 of cups.  The scene here is one of great satisfaction, yet, there is a string attached to each wish that is fulfilled in this life.                                             



     If you were born between April 5th through the 15th, your rising sign is that of the dad of the princess, Cepheus the King.  This king ruled ancient, mysterious Aetheopia, and was befriended by the sea gods. This constellation includes the charming Garnet Star. Those people and relationships born under these stars are energetic, active, constructive, and very spiritually inclined.

     Your Tarot ID card is the 10 of cup, which reflects delight and abundance; the grandfather is playing with the grandchildren, who play with their dogs, all dancing with joy.


    The natural scent of Pisces is citrus, ylang ylang, apricots and wisteria. 

     Pisces is associated with all gases, or any metal in a gaseous state.  

     Theamethyst, aquamarine, coral, or rose quartz are the traditional gems.  Most modern of the Piscean associations is that of pink chalcedony, which is said to encourage compassion, heartfelt empathy, and emotional maturity.  Diane Stein promotes this stone as one which is self blessing, enhances womens self image, and inspires awe at all that is sacred in life.  

     A Piscean fabric is acrylic.      

     Fish foods are citrus fruits, peaches, and all beverages but especially those which add alcohol.  

    These associations give the astute Pisces a deeper insight into his nature and
place in the world.   

     Your word of knowledge is, 'This is the happiest year ever!'

      The Pisces garden nourishes violets, heather, passion flower, wisteria, narcissus, lotus, poppy, mint, thyme, and water lilies, around a cross in the center.

     The most effective pilgrimage for a Pisces or anyone with a strong influx of influence from Jupiter the Supersizer would be Amiens Cathedral in France.  A further visit to Bethlehem to recognize the corulership of Neptunian Inspiration would perfect the journey.

     The most effective place to establish a shrine would be besides the ocean, a fishing place, a fish pond, any grounds overflowing with water, wet boggy places, places formerly underwater, spiritualist churches, or an abandoned oil refinery. Establish the shrine with the tone of B.

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