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The Magickal Fishes pursue themselves across the star-studded skies from March 14th till April 15th in real time;  in the seasonal zodiac, from February 19th till March 21st, the Vernal Equinox. This intriguing constellation consists of two fish, one upright and the other facing left, and one band, linking them. Pisces most pronounced traits are real empathy, sustaining compassion, and emotional alchemy.

The ruling influences of Pisces are the Supersized Queen, Juno, and the enduring Inspiration of Mary of Magdalene in Neptune .

The Supersized Queen of the Goddesses, Juno, is the Great Benefit in that she supersizes everything and anything. If one has a gift to share, the Supersizer turns those 5 fish into a meal for 5 thousand. If it happens to be a capacity for thieving, the Supersizer makes one a master thief, with a Robin Hood complex. In this light, the Piscean scope for drama, for any extreme, is understandable.

The Supersizer is connected with the sacrament of holy matrimony, hence 'lawful wedlock.' This angelic influence will connect many soulmates and bind those who so desire to be bound. On the psychic level, finding ones' other half is a prerequisite to serious spiritual study in most disciplines.

Neptune, in the form of Enduring Inspiration of Mary of Magdalene,  is coruler of Pisces.  Neptune is often called the higher octave of the Venus- as if!! This can also effect us as Intoxication, Delusion, Addiction, and Debauchery. It depends on how the native will receive her that Inspiration gives her graces.

Any of the dually ruled signs is a complex one to navigate. The soul, naturally divided from the spirit, must first reconnect from within; then the integrated character must live an alchemical formula to successfully recombine the two seeming masters.

The natural scent of Pisces is citrus, ylang ylang, apricots and wisteria. Pisces is associated with all gases, or any metal in a gaseous state. The amethyst, aquamarine, coral, or rose quartz are the traditional gems. Most modern of the Piscean associations is that of pink chalcedony, which is said to encourage compassion, heartfelt empathy, and emotional maturity. Diane Stein promotes this stone as one which is self blessing, enhances womens self image, and inspires awe at all that is sacred in life.

A Piscean fabric is acrylic.

Fish foods are citrus fruits, peaches, and all beverages but especially those which add alcohol.

These associations give the prudent magickal Pisces a deeper insight into her nature and place in the world.

Your words of wisdom are, 'This is the happiest year ever!'

The Pisces garden nourishes violets, heather, passion flower, wisteria, narcissus, lotus, poppy, mint, thyme, and water lilies, around a cross in the center.

The most effective pilgrimage for a Pisces or anyone with a strong influx of influence from the Supersizer would be Amiens Cathedral in France. A further visit to the Languedoc region of France to recognize the corulership of Inspiration would perfect the journey.

The most effective place to establish a shrine would be besides the ocean, a fishing place, a fish pond, any grounds overflowing with water, wet boggy places, places formerly underwater, spiritualist churches, or an abandoned oil refinery.

Establish the shrine with the tone of B.

    The stars of Pisces enliven all that pass through them Art, as in art, music, poetry, rhythm, in their very souls!

The Three Phases of Pisces

Every sign has three phases, or decanates, which change every ten days or degrees. This is another reason for the vast differences between the Pisceans!  Called Rising Stars, these constellations stamp their signature on us at the hour of our birth, and at the birth of each new day. These rising stars tell us a great deal about which myth we may be enacting, with which archetypes, and which dramas we may live out in our lives.

The three decanates of Pisces are The Bands, also called the Lizard, Andromeda the Princess, and Cepheus the King.

The first of the decanates is The Bands, reaching from the 14th till 24th of March. These stars have several modern names, including The Lizard, but anciently they were seen to be the bridle which bound together two fish going in opposite directions. Those people and relationships born under these stars are artistic, scientific, inventive, unpredictable, with marked spiritual tendencies.  


The second decanate of Pisces is the beautiful princess Andromeda, The Ruler of Men from the 24th of March till the 4th of April. This girl was her fathers daughter, he a reigning king.  Her mom was the beautiful queen,  but the princess Andromeda became a victim of others boastfulness and vanity, and was sacrificed on the alter of Divine vengeance! Luckily, a hero wandered by and rescued her, sea monster dying instead! Those people and relationships born under these stars are domestic, idealistic, and home loving with a real dislike of dissension and combativeness.

The third decanate of Pisces is that of the dad of the princess, Cepheus the King, reigning the skies from the 4th till the 14th of April.  This king ruled ancient, mysterious Aetheopia, and was befriended by the sea gods. This constellation includes the charming Garnet Star. Those people and relationships born under these stars are energetic, active, constructive, and very spiritually inclined.

Birth Chart of Bill O'Reilly

     Born September 10 in New York, Bill O'Reilly is a sidereal Leo, no surprise, with a sensitive, tender Pisces moon, which is almost incomprehensible.  The No Spin man really means just that:  look at the Mercury and Neptune in Virgo paired with Venus in Libra in the eleventh house.  Here is the man we know!  Fair and balanced, and as much a teddy bear as a fierce fighter for what he believes.

    I actually remember Bill O'Reilly from when he taught current events at my high school;  he is really tall, over 6', with startling blue eyes.  I didn't like him much then though;  I can appreciate him now.     

Bill O'Reilly
 O'Reilly went to Iraq to mingle with the troops, which shows the heroic side of the Pisces moon.  This visit I also deeply appreciate!

    Twelfth house activity, no matter what the sign, or Pisces activity, no matter what the house, always indicates karmic contracts and covenants.  These are hardly always negative! Witness the bodhisattva, the spirit which returns willingly to lend light to the world.

Other Favorite Fishes!


Drew Barrymore   The fascinating wild child Drew Barrymore is a Pisces par exellance!

Nothing says Pisces like the life of Drew Barrymore!  Born February 22, 1975, at 11 15 AM in Culver City, California, of a famous and enduring Hollywood family, Drew made her film debut at 11 months.  She is a sensitive and gifted actress, successful film producer, a dramatic wild child, tender hearted vegetarian- at least for a while!  And above all, Drew is an Artist!  Drew Barrymore is an intergrated Pisces in one word, one breath! 
     Drew has her sun in Pisces, also Venus and Jupiter in the 10th house of profession.  Happily these are not conjunct in the dramatic, karmic sign!!!  This allows her to control her emotion range, instead of it having control over her!!  She also has cool, mature Saturn in the first house;  her dad meant the world to her.  She lives a legacy, left by her famous family, which she is doubtlessly continue through her own line as evinced by Mercury in the 8th house!.
     Will she find happiness, love, and fame? She already has;  interestingly, Drew will have a read adventure over the next couple of years which will have more of us talking about her than ever before!  Neptune, the planet of Fame, Inspiration, and Addiction,  is traversing her 10th house of profession.

                                                                Mary I, also known as Bloody Mary, is the other extreme of Pisces altogether!!  Here is a woman much like Drew in circumstance- born to an illustrious family, intended to carry on the royal traditions in the spotlight of the public eye, seen as a jewel in the crown from an early age, able to meet so many expectations.  Yet, poor Mary was torn asunder by her emotions, by a religious ferver misplaced and a piety misunderstood. 
     Mary Tudor was born February 18, 1516, at 4 PM, in the palace at Greenwich (in the now UK).  The hard task of her horoscope was not even natal Venus in Pisces, which tends to make one dithery;  but natal Mercury conjunct Neptune in Aquarius.  She did not seperate her passions from her feelings, or her beliefs from her thoughts, and applied both sets of mistakes to the larger group of her nation, rather than just to herself.  She had a lot going for her, cosmicall speaking;  Mars exalted in Capricorn to give her business and governing acumen, an intuitive understanding of others with that Pisces sun in the 7th house... but she let her weaknesses rule her instead. 
     How much we can learn from this lovely but unloved queen!



Neptune in Pisces

     Neptune was in Pisces from 1861 till 1875, the period of covering the Civil War and Reconstruction in the US.    

This placement will lend a love and prizing of Nature and the environment, most especially the oceans and seas, far above what we are capable of now;  most of those born under this transit will be extremely sensitive psychically and strongly mediumistic.   


     Neptune has a unique placement in the chart of the United States, and its transits and aspects are extremely important to our nation.


Mary of Magdalene, Divine Inspiration!
She may be the real author of the Gospel of John, so different in style and tempo from the Synoptics.

She was called by Jesus 'Apostle of the Apostles', and was considered to be His favorite.
She might even have been His wife.

Naturally, she elicited envy, and hatred, from the less secure. Eventually her importance was written out of the story, her very character put into question.

This sounds so much like what happens to many women today... especially in a corporate atmosphere.

The Tower of the Flock; a priestess of Isis according to her black veil, she proudly wore green as her color...the color of a fertile earth blooming with life.

Invite Mary, called Magdalene, into your life when you know you need to go on, bearing a torch for Truth and Right for all to see, knowing you could be marginalized because of all you do.

The Moon is the Tarot card for Pisces, for getting back to nature or the beginning of things. This is where we find Mary Magdalene.

The Hanged One is the card associated with Pisces as Neptune, or Dionysius, the Christ Figure. It is always a reflection of ourselves we see in the waters.

This is the reflection smiling back up at Pisces!

With the moon in Pisces,

 we are at our most heroic, dramatic, individual, and changeable. It is in this sign that we can individuate our redemption, or lose it forever. Special care must be taken of the feet and toes, as these are at their most vulnerable now. Recall, 'touch not with iron those parts of the body resided by the moon.' You won't die if you get toe fungus now, but you won't heal as rapidly and recover as fully, either.

     If you were born with the moon in Pisces, your nature is dramatic and rolling and artistic;  you are a born Drama Queen and have a strongly mystical nature.


     The moons placement in our chart represents our mother, and defines our relationship with her.  She may not be a Pisces, but we have few secrets and no boundaries with this very psychically attuned lady, however many moods she exhibits.


Ceres in Pisces: Us As A Mom

     With Ceres in Pisces we are going to be creative members of the PTA-  when we remember what nights they meet-  and be forever gathering costumes and ribbons and painting scenery for school plays and events.  We may be the talk of the town meetings too, as our notions come from a more colorful, romantic era!

Mercury in Pisces

    Mercury in Pisces denotes an intuitive thinker, with vivid imaginations and colorful vocabularies! 


Venus in Pisces

     Venus in Pisces denotes a beautiful soul! 


     As with any transit of Venus... we can make the best of it easily!!!

Mars in Pisces

     Mars transiting Pisces is a wild man!

     Women with Mars in Pisces will be attracted to these extremes in a man- free with his mouth and his money, bold and audacious, moody, with a tender center.


Jupiter in Pisces

     Jupiter transiting Pisces gives us remarkable scope for our talents, deepest convictions, and emotions to rush up and overflow! 

    Women with Jupiter in Pisces would wise choose a man who is idealistic, imaginative, led by his dreams and visions, and extremely talented.  She will have high romance, drama, and a roller coaster, while living well.



Juno in Pisces

Juno in Pisces can outshine the man;  as long as we don't upstage him! 


Saturn in Pisces

     Saturn in Pisces focuses on the dark side of things a trifle much, and frequently sets herself up for disappointments, loss, and disfavor by inviting it.

      Saturn always represents a womans dad in her chart;  he may not be a Pisces, but this will define our relationship with him.

Pallas in Pisces

     The Pisces Pallas daughter will be understanding and proud of her dad, not matter what;  she is empathic and loyal, and will suffer proudly in silence.

 What the hell is she thinking???

Uranus in Pisces

      Uranus was in Pisces from 1843 till 1850, when many new variations of Christianity rose in America;  the Adventist Movement in particular;


and from 1927 to 1935, when we first witnessed the power of commercialism in broadcasting


It entered sidereal Pisces again in February 2010, and remains till April 24th, 2017.   


     If you notice your daughters having peculiar eating habits, wanting to be vegetarians, acting mysterious around flowers and talking to fairies and elves, here is the answer!


Pluto in Pisces

     Pluto was last in sidereal Pisces from 1822 till 1851.   Reading the biography of Andrew Johnson, 17th president of the United States, will give you a feeling of Pluto in Pisces.

Pluto will not reenter Pisces until well after 2025.



Art will reach new spiritual heights, boardering on the sublime.

Lilith the Dark Moon in Pisces

     The Bad Girl here can be a victim, which is a hard lesson... but she can turn this into a profession, and weep every dawn over what happened 20 years ago. 


     The most powerful Lilith will become a victim advocate!


     Chiron in Pisces is art therapy, sacred theater, and healing touch!

The Moons Nodes

     North Node:  success in hospitals, institutions, including prisons, as a therapist and healer.

     South Node:  you have been through the Pisces lessons in prior lifetimes, and now may share and spread love, kindness, charity, and higher vision throughout the world.

The Part of Fortune
     Expect the unexpected to bring happiness, gain, and contentment! 

     I offer in-depth, practical astrological counsel, focusing on self empowerment and strategy for life. We can chat about your visions for the future, your family ties, how you can best meet everyones needs, and if you really are too sensitive.   Check out the Use Astrology Wisely page for details, or email me at .

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