The wonderful thing about Libra is that Libra is a wonderful thing!

     Libra is actually the extended claws of Scorpio, which modern eyes can reimage as a balance hanging in skies. It is a mistake however to leave off the crusher claw when considering the potential of the nature of this sign; it also has a gatherer claw.  

     Libra balances itself across the skies from October 15th till November 15th in real time;  in the season zodiac, from September 20th till October 20th.

     The Golden Goddess Venus makes this sign her summer home, as it were, while some esoteric purists insist that Vulcan, the moon of Mercury, rules in this sign. Duality in rulership is one of the most difficult aspects of any earthly life.

     Golden Venus rules here, that glittering, sought after celestial influence which brings the golden touch: beauty, riches, romance, good cheer, good friends, and good times, as well as quick cash and good fortune. She bestows her many gifts with a lavish hand she can really bowl you over. Her worldly attributes are always the most sought after by wordings, and the least attained: popularity, recognition, and abundant earthly rewards. This is the time to get rich in the worldly sense, and to remember the unfortunate when you do.

     It is in the spiritual realm where we appreciate this influence the most, and the keenest however, for the Lady of Heaven, Golden Venus reveals our state of communion with the greater human fold. This influence as sacrament represents the mystical mingling of our earthly flesh with essence of the Divine. Unless our mingling with both our brethren and our Lady is daily, cheerful, natural, and sought after, like the Influence itself, it is not a blessed but a dead thing. 

     Vulcan, like the goddess of volcanoes Pele, is the great purifier of life, who creates new land, green peridot Hawaiian diamonds, fertility of soil, with every right and possiblitiy to take it back again.  She gives and takes, sometimes giving just to take away again;  just like Life!  Which either you choose, or if you choose to use both, you will be right.

     Sour Saturn, the teacher orb, is exalted in Libra, being the ultimate test of relationships of all kinds!!  We get a passing grade with Saturn in Libra.

     Mars in Libra is hamstrung, as is the sun, as Libra is too Other-oriented.  We have to rework and work around our pursuit of ambition and periods of inertia.


     Libra graces everything which passes through its stars with foresight, fairness, refinement, cheerfulness, and bright hope!

     Justice  fills the space of Libra in card form in the Sacred Tarot.  Justice in this symbolic card demonstrates the overcoming of ego and ego centricism, of impartial judgment. It also clearly shows our connection to Immortality.  

     Among it's many mysteries, Justice reminds us that the concept is not blind, but sees all, as does God.  We never really get away with anything!



     The Empress encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Libra as the planet Venus, who tempers divine justice with divine mercy and grace. 

     The Empress reminds us that the rain and the sunshine fall equally on the good and the wicked as long as the world endures, for this is fairness.

     Among its many mysteries, The Empress reminds us of the mystery of the Resurrection, contrasting to the usual practice of reincarnation. 


       If you were born between October 17th and 27th, your rising stars are those of the Southern Cross.  This group of four stars is the most recognizable in the Souther hemisphere. Those people and relationships born under these stars are sensitive, generous, perceptive, artistically well balanced, and capable of taking a dispassionate view of life.  

     Your Tarot IDcard is the 2 of swords, which signifies a truce or pause, a weighing of facts, before making a decision.  In this pip the decider is blindfolded with her back to the unfolding of events.       

     If you were born between the 27 of October and the 7th of November, your rising stars are those of Lupus, the Wolf.  This poor beast is being ministered to by the Centaur on the alter. Those people and relationships born under these stars are careful, patient, and considerate, who display stability, endurance, tenacity and perseverance.

     Your Tarot ID pip card is the 3 of swords.  The scene here is one of great heartache and misery; three swords in a heart hint of infidelity and betrayal. The card is sometimes linked to the judgment of Pilate.  Without his pivotal role, the Passion could never have taken place.

     If you were born between November 7th through the 17th, your stars are those of the Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. These stars are closely associated with Ariadne, goddess of the labyrinth, who with a single piece of string saved Theseus and all of Athenians from being devoured by a monster.  Theseus had to seperate from her, and her grief was shocking!  Dionysus, god of wine and song, fell passionately in love with her and couldn't leave her side ever again.

      Those people and relationships born under these stars are original, advanced, profound, mystical, and perceptive, with commanding personalities.

     Your Tarot ID card is the 4 of swords, which reflects the parable of the Prodigal Son in the window above. 

     The natural scent of Libra is peppermint, raspberry, and red rose.

     The metal is copper and brass.

     Most traditionally the opal is sited as the gemstone, with coral, or lapis lazuli secondly. Also the stone magnetite can be beneficial, as this stone balances energy polarities and opens blocks, aiding energy movements within the body itself. It promotes grounding and balance throughout and along ones chosen paths.

    The material is the best silk. 

     Libra foods are the least, the minimum, but the best; chocolates, strawberries, apricots, and raspberries in a combined confection.

     These associations give the prudent magickal Libra a deeper insight into her nature and place in the world.

     Your word of wisdom is, 'Let me explain exactly what I need to tell you and what I need to say is...'

     The Libra garden includes cosmos, apple blossoms, daisy gardenia, pink rose, violet, hibiscus, myrtle, sage, golden seal, pennyroyal, peppermint, thyme and wild strawberry. The center would feature not a scales, but a pair of objects which balance.

     The most effective pilgrimage for a Libra or anyone with a strong influx of influence of the Golden Girl would be to Orleans Cathedral in France. A visit to Mount Shasta in California, or any active volcano, would complete your trek.

     The most effective place for a shrine would be near windmills, straggling barns, where wood is cut or piled, a harbor for ships, a boat yard or boat launch, top of a mound, hill, or mountain; hawking copse, golf links, cupola or dome, closet, or guest room. Dedicate the shrine in the key of D.

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