The best organized sign of the entire zodiac, the most colorful of character, the most resplendent of all, the tastiest hottie, with the most lavish traits, are Leos.

     What we love about Leos is that they always know just what to do!  Whether it's a party that needs to be perfect to impress, a quiet talk to strengthen our soul, or a rousing walk on the wild side, Leo is our guide to the top!
     At home in the Royal sign is the sun itself, it being the strongest light and that which stamps its image most dominantly upon us.  Leo sprinkles a little of its nobility, passion, chivalry, inspiration, and magnanimity of spirit on all which lie under its stars.  The sun is associated with the sacrament of baptism in the human community. We are baptized into the family of Light.

      Pluto, fateful and fitful and dark and a little scary, is at peace in Leo, at it's exaltation.  Here the little pill casts no shadow!

     Uranus here shows an instinctive rejection of all kinds of authority, especially that from within, and which can keep us at a distance from the rest of our kind.   Neptune the vague, diffuse, diaphanous, is totally gassed out when in Leo, and can't help us dream.  These issues have to be worked around and reworked before they can be worked upon directly and consciously.

     Strength fills the space of Leo in card form in the Sacred Tarot.

     Strength in this symbolic card demonstrates the overcoming of base appetites and habits, and that this overcoming lends both divine strength and protection to the physical vehicle.  It also clearly shows our connection to Immortality.  

     Among it's many mysteries, Strength reminds us that we are stewards of this Garden, and its creatures, facing an Accounting for our stewardship. 





     The Sun encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Leo as the sun,  the source of wisdom, light, energy, and all life both as we know it now and beyond.

     The Sun reminds that matter cannot be destroyed, it just changes form.

     Among its many mysteries, The Sun reminds us of the mystery of Resurrection.      





If you were born between August 17th and 27th, your rising stars are those of the constellation of the water serpent, Hydra.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are noble, enthusiastic, born leaders, with a great love of change and reform. 

     In the Tarot, this time period corresponds to the 5 of rods, which signifies contention, spoiling for a fight, competition, ambition, sportive games and combat on many levels, from more than one source, in the manner of a nine headed Hydra.



    If you were born between the 27th of August and the 7th of September,  your rising stars are those of the Cup, or Holy Grail.  This golden jewel of a grail belonged to the sun, who sent the Raven Corvus out with it for fresh clean water. Those people and relationships born under these stars are intellectual, moral, sympathetic, noble, and honorable.

     Your Tarot ID card is the 6 of rods.  The scene here is one of great mystery;  is the knight riding out in anticipation of, or returning in victory?  The answer lies obvious to all who have an eye.


      If you were born between September 7th through the 17th,  the Dog Daysyour stars are those of Corvus, the Bird. Sent to fetch a drink for the sun, the raven was distracted by a fig tree, and told a real tall tale when taxed with his tardiness. Those people and relationships born under these stars are energetic, courageous, constructive, adept at overcoming negativity. 

    The 7 of rods is your Tarot ID card, which reflects defense, being caught unprepared and surprised, and losing ground by such inattention.  

     The Apostle John, the beloved Apostle, fills in the connection to Leo in the Greek Scriptures with his lyrical, unique prose, while Judah connects us to the Hebrew Testament.

     The natural scent of Leo is frankincense, almond, and amber, not that of the litter box!  Leos the metal is of course gold, as is the fabric.  The ruby, amber, or tiger eye is the usual gem, though the prudent Leo will pause over the many varieties of fluorite.  This stone releases tears, and aids one in the expressions of grief, so foreign to the proud and hearty Lion.  It also helps us toward the ability to ask others for help, for healing and comfort, which the Leo almost never does.  Best of all, fluorite fosters the safe expression of anger, releasing and healing it, and resolves fears.     

     The foods of Leo are almonds, sunflower seeds, golden apples, saffron rice, gin, honey and olives.  

    These associations give the prudent Leo  a deeper insight into his nature and place in the world.   

     Your words of knowledge are, 'I know exactly what I am doing, even when I don't.'

     The Leo garden encloses a red rose, larkspur, poppy, marigold, peony, dahlia, sunflowers, cinnamon, saffron, chamomile, dill, rosemary, fennel, and ash, around a sun dial.  

   The most effective pilgrimage for a Leo, or anyone with a strong influx of the suns life sustaining influence, would be Chartres Cathedral in France.

     The most effective shrine for Leo would be high, round topped hills, places inhabited by free animals, forest, hard, stony gravely pathways; castles, forts,  theaters, solariums, playgrounds, sports arenas, gambling halls, and fireplaces.  Dedicate the shrine with the tone of A.     

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