July 2019

   As the sun courses through Cancer, we all feel much more protective of life, especially young life!  Loving, caring, nurturing, a natural parent and god parent to all of creation, now is when we appreciate the comforts of home!  We can make that home anywhere, even on a battlefield. 

     Judging the character by the names of the stars in the sign, the Cancer season is all about Sheltering in A Hiding Place the Assembled Thousands;  the Kids and the Lambs being safe in The Crech.  Other stars in the sign are The Mighty Prince (Sirius), A Strong Right Arm, Bright Shining Scarlet, Glorious, and To Lead to Glory.  

     Our energy colors are sparkling silver and light bright emerald.  


     The backdrop of stars off the elliptic are those of Callisto, of Ursa Major, or the Greater Flock.  These stars wrap around the pole, hence never set.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Ordered;  The Purchased;  The Guarded;  The Lamb;  the Appointed;  and The Strong.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are proud, practical, with a strong desire to help others in need.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 


     The daily lights are calculated from real time at sunrise on the Pacific coast.

First light this morning, Tuesday 30 July 2019 will be seen at 5 10 AM Pacific time.  The sun will rise at 12 degrees of sidereal Cancer at 5 46AM Pacific time.  The moon dances through Gemini, rising at 3 52 AM Pacific time to set at 8 01 PM today.

The last few days of fleeting July!!!

We are in mood this morning!  We want fun, adventure, dancing, jollity, a holiday...and we don't get it. By 6 57 AM it's obvious we have a real work day today!! Luckily, we have on hand several of those who are naturally sober, serious, and steady to help guide us through the last tasks of late July!

By 11 15 PM, just before lunch time, we are ready to call it a day! We can think of a thousand and ten things we would much rather be doing... but not so fast!  By 1 09 PM, just after lunch, we discover several fun and fresh approaches to standing obligations.  It will get better!!

Late tonight, 8 32 PM, we hear a word to our advantage!  

Till the 29th, Mercury will tip backward and forward on the the karmic 29th degree of Gemini, the sign of information, communication, trips and journeys, which he rules.  Let us now gather our focus and resolve to be extra super ultra careful of every word we say, to scrutinize every idea which occurs to us, to carefully disassemble and examine each plan that falls to our hands.  We may be tempted, or we may err, and we must guard against this impulse.  It's like the universe is drunk and disorderly and doesn't care any which way it all falls.  We need to be at our best!!

The errant orb turns direct on the 31st, at 8 58 PM, just after new moon in Cancer.  A powerful new moon for all moms everywhere, those who want to be moms, home and family, and the most patriotic among us.

On the 2nd till the 6th of August, Mercury rocks and teeters at 0 degrees Cancer, so everything seems to take on exaggerated importance, but none of it really impacts us in the long run.  Patience and resolution on our part will be tested!

The sun will set at 8 44 PM Pacific time, with last light fading at 9 20 PM.

The moon will crawl sideways into Cancer at 11 10 PM Pacific time, to come new on Wednesday, just as Mercury is going direct.

There are currently 5 planets retrograde, most notably Mercury in sidereal Cancer.  Not the time for home improvements or family disruptions!!  The other backwalkers are Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto.

Wednesday the 31st is going to be busy, delightful, with a bit of upheaval. Stay tuned and stay steady!

Enact the Faith, Star Travelers!!


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