June 2019

Wednesday 17 July


Our daystar kicks off the last of the Gemini stars as our moon has the summer shivers at 7 degrees of Capricorn.  The degree of expiation, 29 karmic and volcanic, can be wisely be used best by keeping silence!!

This is important at 4 39 AM Pacific, 7 39 AM eastern time, when we are guaranteed to say the wrongest of wrong things, some word or idea that will return to us over the coming autumn season.  Early for the west coast, but dead on for trouble making on the east!!  Be aware!

By 2 PM Pacific, 5 PM eastern, we are sure we are ok...

The sun waltzes out of Gemini and into the star fields of Cancer at 2 17 PM Pacific, 5 17 PM eastern.  We will feel things deeply, intensely, insanely now!!  By 2 54 PM Pacific, 5 54 PM eastern time, it lands on us!





Thursday 18 July


Our sun blasts rays from 0 degrees of Cancer, while the moon keeps cool at 19 degrees of Capricorn.  It's all about family now and this weekend, and the rest of the month!

By 8 53 AM Pacific, 11 53 AM eastern time, we have the chance to do something kind and good for a family member!!  If we take the chance, not expecting anything back, we are rewarded tenfold by 11 03 AM Pacific, 2 03 PM eastern time!!  This will come in many forms, and be really delightful!

Later, 3 42 PM Pacific, 6 42 PM eastern time, we feel as if we are chaffing a woman or close friend.  That's because we are!





Friday 19 July


Our sun at 1 degree of Cancer and moon at 1 degree of Aquarius makes us think of the thousand different summer fun things we would rather be dong this Friday in July!

By 7 33 AM Pacific, 10 33 AM eastern, we regret whatever decisio we made to be where we are today; if we went in to work, we wish we were swimming; if we skipped work and went golfing, we wish we had finished at our desk instead.  Let's not give in to ourselves, but stay in the moment and find joy in the fact that we made a decision!  

At 1 33 PM Pacific, 4 33 PM eastern time, we misspeak; the Wise will keep silent! 





Saturday 20 July


A shining sun in Cancer brings out the worst and best of the moon at 13 degrees of Aquarius.  If we are going to quarrel with family, here is the day!  The seeds of this pop by 3 16 AM Pacific, 6 16 AM eastern time, early in the morning for surprises!  If we have planned a get-away, or vacation weekend, this window is ripe for snarls.  We can always cancel, and sleep late!

Later at 2 39 PM pacific, 5 39 PM eastern time, we have the real test of temper, more than likely sparred by a male family member or very good friend.  Patience, tact, and charity will be tested.  

Those of us who rise for midnight prayer on the west coast will have insights and more now!





Sunday 21 July


Our sun at comforting Cancer is much more at ease with the moon as it exits Aquarius at 9 30 AM Pacific.  The Pisces moon with Cancer sun is warm, cozy, full of charm!

We dream of images bizarre, odder than any we have imagined before now, and not beautiful.  We may experience that restlessness that comes with troubling dreams.  The scents of lavender and rose will alleviate this bump.

By 3 46 AM Pacific, 6 46 AM eastern, we are more in tune with ourselves and our cosmos, and sleep, restful and deep, will fall upon us.  Words and images will clear up and a good morning breaks with a good word by 5 34 AM Pacific, 8 34 AM eastern!

We will change our plans for today by 10 18 AM Pacific, 1 18 PM eastern, and it will be for the best!  Within the hour we will meet up with the plans and playdate of women friends, and harmony reigns!

Late tonight, we get a phone call or text message, pleasing and warm!! 



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