The Twins waltz across the skies from June 16th till July 16th in real time;  or by the seasonal zodiac, from May 21 till June 20th. The most leaned students of the Way consider these anciently recognized stars as the most holy site in the sky.

     Gemini's most charming traits are mental dexterity, eloquence, and conviviality.

     The sign of Gemini aptly demonstrates that polarity doesn't necessarily mean enmity, that opposites can attract and balance, and that integrated duality is stronger than Rock.  The Mercurial influence waxes brightest in this most dual of all signs.  Gemini are natural communicators, with brains most suited to cooperation and information exchange.  This planetary influence can be dubbed Good News, Reason, or First Mind, as our continuing expansion of cosmic consciousness, of being the universe aware of itself. 

     The North Node of the Moon is in exaltation here, indicating that we have all the basic tools of consciousness we need to fulfill our lifes goal and destiny.  The South Node in Gemini however indicates we have way way way too much on our plate!!

     Having Jupiter in Gemini is also too much of a good thing, with a real danger of lack of appreciation.

    Gemini enervates all which pass through its stars with eloquence, curiosity, dexterity, intelligence, and tolerance.

Gemini in the Sacred Tarot

     The Lovers fills the space of Gemini in card form in the Sacred Tarot.

     The Lovers in this symbolic card demonstrates the triune nature of the human being in reflection of his Creator; we each have an animal nature as a man, a
spiritual nature (the upward gazing woman), and a divine nature, as shown by the angel.                        

     Among it's many mysteries, The Lovers reminds us that we are first lovers of God.                                                                





     The Magician encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Gemini as Good News, the planet Mercury.  Swift, communicative, full of ideas!        

     The Magician reminds us that nothing is as strong as an idea whose time has come. 

      If you were born between June 15th and June 25th your rising sign is Lepus the Hare.   This mad March hare was originally the Man in the Moon, and is said to interpret dreams, receive the souls of the dead, and hold those souls waiting to be born. Those people and relationships born under these stars are alert, ingenious, perceptive, studious, and forceful of personality.  

Your Tarot ID card is the 8 of swords in the Sacred Tarot, which signifies that we are all prisoners of our own device, believeing what we want to believe, seeing what we want to see.   



     If you were born between the 25th of June and the 5th of July the Big Dog Canis Major barks your rising stars up!   From this constellation shines Sirius, the star of Isis, of Horus, of the annual flooding of the Nile, and the new year. Those people and relationships born under these stars are fearless, love to share, with a magnanimous spirit.

     Your Tarot ID pip card is the 9 of swords.  The scene here is one of great sorrow; the woman is alone and unloved.  Dog is God spelled backward.  The answer lies obvious to all who have an eye. (God loves us all, no matter what, no matter how awful, no matter at all!!  The love of a dog is much the same way.)


     If you were born between July 5th through the 15th your stars are those of the Little Dog Canis Minor.  Its associations suggest it is in fact The Laughing Dog; Emerson called the dog The God of Frolic. Those people and relationships born under these stars are very bright and inventive, genius, and ahead of their time.

     Your card is the 10 of swords, an interesting card which may reflect defeat, ruin, eclipse and disaster, with a blessing within all.


      The Apostle Thomas the Twin is the obvious link to Gemini from the Greek Scriptures, while Simeon and Levi connect to Hebrew times.  

     The natural scent of Gemini is honeysuckle and lavender. 

     The Mercury-ruled signs metal is of course quicksilver.

     The gemstones aquamarine, clear quartz, or agate are those most traditionally associated with Gemini, though the wise and prudent Gemini magickian would consider the calcite family, most especially the blue calcite as being soothing for the throat, easing the ability to speak out, healing to the throat centers blockages and throat diseases, supports peaceful assertiveness, aiding shyness, and promotive of the ability to speak of ones own needs.

     The best material is ubiquitous and slinky chintz.

     The foods, so often least mentioned and last thought of, are walnuts, hazelnuts, coffee, tea, carrots, buckwheat and caraway seeds.

     These associations give the prudent Gemini magickian a deeper insight into her nature and place in the world.

     Your words of wisdom are, 'I am a woman who knows someones' cousin, who knows Meryl Streep.'

     The Gemini garden flashes azalea, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, cedar, vervain, yarrow, valerian, dill, parsley, fennel, lavender, tansy, heather, ferns, and endive, with a butterflies wings of granite as a centerpiece.

     The most effective pilgrimage for a Gemini or anyone with a strong influx of the influence of Good News would be Notre Dame de Dalbade Toulouse in France.

     The most effective place to establish a shrine would be pillared buildings, doorways, bookcases, hills and mountains of a barren nature. Establish a shrine with the tone of F.

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