Western Sidereal Astrology sounds a bit overwhelming;  but it really is quite straightforward.

     We observe with our own eyes where the planets, the sun and moon are in the heavens, chart them down, and interpret the chart accordingly.  It's just that simple.

     Many people immediately react with some trepidation, because the sun sign usually changes.  Most of the planetary signs will also change.  People fear and mistrust change, especially when they have used the same astrology for hundreds of years and found that it works the way it was.

     The changes in a sidereal chart reflect the cosmos as it is now;  the new chart signs reflect you as you are now, not the you of hundreds of years ago, or the you who you were told you were by others long ago.  We are in a New Age, that much is so obvious to everyone!!  We need to accept the paradigm that we are a new improved version of ourselves!!


     The changes are usually within 24 degrees of the tropical calculation.  When you find out what your sidereal chart really says about the real you, it will be validating, liberating, and exhilarating!



     Are you naturally lucky, yet determined to make your own way?  Are you always the best you can be?  Perhaps just a little ambitious but mostly in it for the fun, the adventure?  Do you like to travel for both work and vacation?  Were you born between April 15th and May 15th?  You probably have considerable weight of planetary activity in sidereal Aries, likely your sun.  You may have grown up believing that you are a Pisces, which you remain in the calculations of tropical or seasonal astrology.

     The heart of the whole question is, does lucky and determined, always optimistic and generous, describe who you really are inside?

     Try reading the page for Aries, and see how much it applies to you, your jerk of a boyfriend, crazy sister or workaholic husband.

     The signstones of Aries are the bloodstone and the diamond, both Martian rocks.  Why not give one a try and see? 

     On the other hand, emeralds, quartz crystals, cats' eyes, moonstones and pearls are not the best choice as substitutes.


     Are you happily single and loving it?  You may enjoy company, having a significant romantic relationship, but you don't really want to give up your private space.  Where you live is where you live!!  Were you born between May 16th and June 15th?  You are a sidereal Taurus, and you like to be the boss!

     Read the Taurus and see how to benefit fully from this delightful and strong sign!  

     Sapphires and turquoise are the signstones of Taurus, who wisely avoid topaz, amber, tourmaline, chrysolite and sardonyx as redundant.

     Do you love your job?  Any job, even a McJob, as long as you have company, someone to talk to?  Something a little fun to do? And above all, to do a couple of different things at once!  Do you like the anxiety, the hustle, the rush?  Were you born between June 16th and July 16th?  You are a sidereal Gemini, loving life no matter what it brings.


     Read all about sidereal Gemini and see if it describes you, your boss, your friends and frenemies!

     The signstones of Gemini are as varied as agate can be!!  And, the delightful chrystoprase!  The wise Gemini will avoid jade of any kind, and carnelian. 



     Sidereal Cancer, born between July 16th and August 16,  is a natural artist, philanthropist, philosopher.  She loves water and the jewels of the soul.  Cancer is slow to defend herself from the harsh realities of life because she sees the potential for good in everyone, and is fiercely loyal to those she loves.  

     Find your inner Cancer if this is your moon sign, your secret self, by exploring the Cancer page.  

     Did you know that emeralds were once called Crabs Eye Stones?  Signstones of Cancer are emeralds, moonstones, pearls, cat's eyes, and rock crystal.  

     Diamonds bring Cancers tears, as do bloodstones, opals, corals, or intense lapis lazuli.  Cancer is sensitive enough!

     Are you one of the most positive people on the planet?  Could you give lessons in self confidence to Norman Vincent Peale?  Are you pleasantly sure of your own instinctual abilities, completely committed to Truth, Honesty, and Your Own Way?  Can you chase away blues and rain just by your smile?  Were you born between August 17th and September 17th?   Do you put your kids, and family, first in your life no matter what?  You are quite Leo!!

     Check it all out on the Leo page!

     Leo wears sardonyx, tourmaline, and amber for signstones, and avoids beryl, aquamarine, most garnets, or magnetites.

     Do you find yourself connected to all kinds of people, some of whom you have no desire to know yet can't seem to shake?  Do you keep others' secrets?  Did you have real difficulty in your early life, which were not public knowledge but have left you stronger than anyone can ever know?  Were you born between September 16th and October 15th?  You are a sidereal Virgo, of the preeminent sign of the celestial Gardener.

     Peruse the Virgo page for insight into your fine self!

     Virgo wears elegant jade to great advantage!!  The wise Virgo avoids topaz of any variety, just because.

     Accident prone, especially when it comes to relationships?  Do you give excellent advice but always fail to take your own wisdom to heart when it comes to your own best interests?  Are you remarkably intelligent and mentally adroit in spite of your many goofs?  Were you born between October 16th and November 15th?  You can blame all your troubles on having the sun in sidereal Libra. 

     The Libra page tells all!

     Libra signstones are the pearlescent, fiery opal, blue lapis lazuli, and coral.  The discriminating Libran avoids 

     Are you naturally a bit feverish?  Quick witted, forward thinking, really smarter than the average bear, yet seeming to run into personality clashes constantly, especially with the boss?  And who can expect you to get along with such a jerk anyway?  Were you born between November 16th and December 15th?  You are a sidereal Scorpio, surprise!

     The signstones of Scorpio are the London Blue beryl, and the darker greenblue aquamarine, which are calming and enhance the subtle faculties.  Garnets of all shades are great, and so is magnatite.  

     Do you find a way to enjoy every moment of life, no matter how different it is from what you had imagined?  Do you really live and let live?  Are you usually the one offering help, comfort and a drop of sympthy, yet never seem to need any, really?  Were you born between December 16th and January 14th?  Welcome to sidereal Sagittarius, the best sign ever!!

     Try topaz of every shade, called the Stone of Strength!  

     Avoid carnelian, which tends to ground joyfulness, and common jade.

     Do others consider you complex, cautious, somewhat reserved, of inordinately strong of character, yet you consider yourself extremely realistic?  Were you born between January 15th and February 14th?  You are a sidereal Capricorn, and very powerful!

     Try adopting rubies, spinels, malachite, onyx and jet as your signature shades and stones, and watch your power increase!  Avoid opal and there will be few tears and sorrows in your life!!  Coral, lapis lazuli, and real pearls are best relegated to the jewelry box, with mother of pearl cameos substituted.

     Are you free spirited as a butterfly and twice as quick on your feet?  Do you really not want to settle down, but are constantly besieged by others wanting a steady committed relationship?  You may really prefer social media to face to face, and probably find that the most exciting and rewarding phase of dating is the exploration of the sites.  Were you born between February 15th and March 14th?  It's your Age, Aquarius!!

     Read about sidereal Aquarius here!

     What a selection of signstones!!  Zircons are everywhere, as are any red purple stone like garnet, and all orange stones, sometimes called jacinths or hyacinths.  Never choose a light blue or aquamarine rock, or any green stone, or a magnetite.

     Are you deeply aware of the interconnection of all life?  Subtly spiritual, seeing through the hypocrisies and baggage of religion?  Yet knowing absolutely that what goes around comes around.  You may warn your friends of this, and gently guide them to be the best they really can be.  Were you born between March 15th and April 14th?  You are a sidereal Pisces, the conscience of the zodiac.

     Amethyst will meet all your needs when it comes to stones, colors, shades and aids.

     The wise Pisces will avoid agate, which is too everywhere, and topaz, which is too intense.

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