The daily lights, calculated from real time at sunrise on the Pacific coast of the USA for Friday 31 December 2021


Happy Birthday Capricorn!

The names of the stars of the sign of the SeaGoat The Lord as Judge, is protective of The Place of Birth, of The Kids of the flock, The Kids, Sacrifice, Station of Bearing, Place of Birth 


Aquila, the Falling Eagle, forms the backdrop for todayís sunrise.  This majestic bird was awarded with starry immortality for accurate discernment coupled with outstanding loyalty.

The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Wounded, The Pierced, and The Lord Comes. 

Those people and relationships born under these starsí constant, reliable, industrious, and persevering.  

The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 



The waning moon shoots into seasonal Sagittarius, nearing renewal for the new year.  The moon rises to the Top of the zodiac, Capricorn, at 3 02 PM Pacific time on the 1st. 

The moon will renew itself in seasonal Capricorn at 10 33 AM Pacific time on January 2nd, 2022, a Sunday.   



Venus is retrograde in seasonal Capricorn, to reengage with Pluto yet again on the 3rd of March 2022. What a year we have ahead!!!

We have a year to prepare for the Pluto return in our national chart for 2023. 

Let's remember that the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius, or 30 degrees Capricorn, of December 21st, 2020, the winter solstice, occurred right over the national Pluto in the 2nd house of finance, land, real estate, acquired possessions, riches, personal worth, material progress.  Saturn rules both Aquarius and Capricorn, as we feel right now.


Those of us who are deeply connected to the earth, who love the smell of rain on the leaves and rejoice in the sunlight, will feel the changes of the seasons personally.  These are the people who can wisely rely on seasonal astrology!!

The December SkyDance

     Mercury rises to the Top of the seasonal zodiac, Capricorn.  We will be talking to some purpose!!  He will retrograde staring the 14th of January in seasonal Aquarius, till February 3rd. Plan ahead!!


     Venus in seasonal Capricorn values antiques, older ways and views, the tried and true.

     Venus retrogrades through Capricorn this year starting the 19th, the day after the full moon in Gemini.  We will see some changes in our social circle and in our use of social media.



    Mars shot through seasonal Sag to put some real kick into our kick***.


    The Winter Solstice falls on the 21st, a Tuesday, at 7 59 PM Pacific time, when the sun will enter seasonal Capricorn.  Christmas Eve falls that Friday.  A week later we bid goodbye to 2021 on Friday the 31st.  


    Jupiter sails through seasonal Aquarius, full of new ideas and concepts.

    The king rocks on into Pisces in December of this year, and emotions swell, as does art and drama.  Holy cow!!


    Saturn rules Aquarius, donít forget, so this explains the current darkness in ideas and impulses.  As his transit through seasonal Aquarius doesnít hold the fort for the current administration, we can expect some serious changes in this area in March of 2023, not so far away!


    Uranus in Taurus disrupts the boundaries of nations.  Well no kidding!  I so hope we are still alive to see his further changes in April 2026, when he dances into Gemini.


    Neptune rules Pisces along with Jupiter, which is just behind in Aquarius.  We can expect ups and downs until he roars into Aries in late January 2026.


    Pluto in Capricorn disrupts all governments.  I donít know how to take that one, do you????


    The new moon of 2022 falls on Sunday January 2nd in seasonal Capricorn, at 10 33 AM Pacific time.  Mercury will have just entered seasonal Aquarius.



    The Goat dies and the fish rises from the seas of transformation!!

     A pale, chilly, wintry sun shines from the impossible sign of Capricorn at the Top of the zodiac.  Our daystar traverses the transforming sign of a sea goat, a hardy full-blooded sign, which lets us see by cold clear light what is no longer valid in the world and in our lives.  We notice many issues just dying and falling away, collapsing into the vast sea of transformation.  The Sea Goat makes no sense to us in our waking life, as goats don't live in the sea, or ride the waves, while fish don't usually rise up from the bottom to the mountain top.      

     In fact, Capricorn is only half a goat, the upper half, and that part is dying.  The lower half is vibrant, coming alive, in the form of a Christian fish, actually a dolphin, rises in excited life!! 

     The lesson of Capricorn at the top of the mountain is to climb no higher in this world, but to transform into the next! 

     We have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty, vastness, and unique position of our pale blue home! We, like the sign, can allow what no longer lives within us with spark and vitality to fall peacefully away into the vast oceans of transformative energies around us, and allow the thriving new life to flow upwards!  Our connection to our family circle, our traditions and blood ties are intensely important to us now.  Our ethics and our roots become vital and rise with us, along with the best of our identity, our posterity!!  


     Since Christ in fact was the sacrificial goat, and this sacrifice was found acceptable and put paid, we have much to learn from Capricorn, and nothing to loath!

     Capricorns companion sign, Aquila the Eagle, represents the United States of America in astrology, the most Christian nation on earth.  The sign rules the region from the mid Atlantic Ocean, the eastern region of Brazil, Greenland, and western Iceland, which most of the wise and sensitive know as Atlantis.  The letters from Christ to the angel of Capricorn contain a great deal of insight!!

     What a helpful and encouraging sign!


     As Capricorn, this season is all about understanding the value and rewards of discipline, of laboring tirelessly for the common good, carring a heavy load by choice, while maintaining our dignity.  

     Called the Go-Getter, Capricorn is patient and practical, ambitious and unexpectedly humorous, shy, sometimes grim.  He knows the hard task lies ahead.

     Judging the character by the names of the stars in the sign, the Capricorn knight knows The Lord as Judge, is protective of The Place of Birth, of The Kids of the flock.


     Indigo!!  A mystery sign, possessing profound insights, Capricorn's indigo energy emerges the secrets of the midnight sky, the universe and the glory of the supernatural. People born under this sign's indigo ray are empathetic and connected to their innate intuition.


     This birth sign is interconnected with the unseen and spiritual illumination which helps others understand the true significance of their soul's existence. The unbalanced indigo can drive into deep depressions. Energy wise, indigo helps us understand and see things from new perspectives, as in indigo lives the understanding of life's process. Indigo gives energy to the Brow Chakra and the Pineal Gland, physically, increasing sleep and dream activity, whilst helping to eliminate nightmares. It calms nerves whilst stimulating sight, smell and hearing senses. Ideal for meditation, intuition, and psychic abilities.

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