Commanding Capricorn    

     The top, or midheaven, of the zodiac is commanded by this old sign, whose most shining qualities are loyalty, industriousness, resolution, and rationality.    The time frame of Capricorn ranges from January 15th till February 15th in real time;  from January 20th till February 20th in the seasonal zodiac.

       The true nature of Capricorn lies in water, as the rising half of the strange being a live fish, hence, Capricorns feel. They do not emote openly as do Cancer natives, yet they feel even more deeply due to their watery depths.

     The duality of human nature is represented here by the goat, innocently but rapaciously grazing on a mountaintop, having the tale of a huge fish, which, free and wild, thunders through the sea.  The natural Capricorn native struggles with the same rapacious appetite, the same drive that thunders through the natural world. The prudent magickal Capricorn concentrate these forces into a finely honed tool of Will with which to reshape the world.

    How does the prudent Capricorn reconcile such opposites?  By using the disciplined nature inherit in every child of Saturn to concentrate her energies from within, rather than trying to restrict from without.  It is our internal Saturn who says 'Enough!'  This iron britched orb is that which gives our life form, structure, boundaries, even to limitations.  Here is the influence which inspires us to do most serious planning and growth; we mature by measuring ourselves against ourselves. It is we, rather than the influence, which decides whether or not we make the grade.

      Saturn rules here and gets along fine with boisterous Mars, exalted in Capricorn.  We can indeed reach our ambitions heights! 

     The moon in Capricorn can not emote or express feelings, in sad shape!  Jupiter here in Capricorn is robbed of his generosity and spontenaity.  These issues have to be reworked and worked around in the other aspects of the chart before we can work them out inside.



   The apostolic connection to Capricorn comes in the form of tax collector Matthew; in the Hebrew Scriptures, we have reference to Napthali who goes   he top, or midheaven, of the zodiac is commanded by this old sign, whose most shining qualities are loyalty, industriousness, resolution, and rationality.



       Capricorn  enbodies all which pass through its stars with dignity, prudence, reverence, practicality, fertiity, ambition, organization, and concentration!

    The Devil fills the space of Capricorn in card form in the Sacred Tarot.

     The Devil in this symbolic card demonstrates the Shadow, that which enchains us and keeps us prisoner of our own device, and just how loose those chains are!  The Devil is a badly pieced together composite of all the boogeymen and beasties in our collective imagination.  

     Among it's many mysteries, The Devil reminds us that we already have the victory over the Shadows of this world. 




     The World encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Capricorn as the planet Saturn,  the source of mature wisdom, pure light from the Golden Age, the dance of shadow and light, and the continuety of life in birth, death, and rebirth.  

     The World reminds that God sees all, no matter how small, no matter how great. 

     Among its many mysteries, The World reminds us of the mystery of the Restoration of the earth as a Garden, and the New Jerusalem.  

     If you were born between January 15th and 25th, the stars of Sagitta the Arrow (of the Centaur) are your rising stars. This arrowr points precisely at the center of the galaxy.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are noble, enduring, tenacious, and ambitious, concrete and thrifty.

     Your Tarot ID card is the 2 of disks, whichsignifies the delicate balance between aid and interference.  The aim may be good, but the consequences are what counts.


     If you were born between January 25th and the 5th of February, your rising sign is Aquila the falling eagle.   This magestic bird was awarded with starry immortality by the Goddess for accurate discernment coupled with outstanding loyalty. Those people and relationships born under these stars constant, reliable, industrious, and persevering.  

     Your  Tarot ID card is the 3 of disks.  The scene here is one of solid craftsmanship and mastery of the profession.  For one to attain mastery, piety and religious observance is necessary.



     If you were born between February 5th through the 15th, your rising stars are those of Dolphinus, the dolphin.  This wonderfully playful mammal has a magickal skin which turns blue and gold when it dies. Those people and relationships born under these stars are rational, changeable, somewhat Mercurial, with considerable success in com

     Your Tarot ID card is the 4 of disks, which reflects strength and solidity of a firm foundation and wise useof resources, one of which is the spirit.                       


   The  natural scent of Capricorn is a pine tree by the seashore.  

    The intriguing metals are pewter or lead.  Most Capricorns can be matched with onyx, jet, smoky quartz or malachite as their gemstones, but the smoky quartz is the wisest choice by far.  This quartz stabilizes and enhances security and safety, encouraging awareness and responsibility of the Earth as a biosphere and living being, and helps one to accept ones place on the planet; healing fear, depression, addictions, and obsessions.

     The materials and fabrics are leather, cashmere,  and hemp.

     The foods exclusively Capricorn are mushrooms, carob, barley, beer, potatoes and all their forms, and poppy seeds. 

     These associations give the prudent Capricorn a deeper insight into his nature and place in the world.   

      Your words of knowledge are, 'I am solidly integrated!'

    The garden of Capricorn centers on holly, carnation, mistletoe, pansy, hemp, aconite, poppy seed, carob, comfrey, skullap, oak, wintergreens, all moss, thistles, and pine.  The centerpiece is a any reference to Time, such as an hourglass, though the wisest of gardeners center on a unicorn.

    The most effective pilgrimage for Capricorn and anyone with a strong influx of the Serious influence would be to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.  

      The most effective shrine would be in an old church, or a vault, sepulcher, tomb, like a mausoleum; an animal manger or pen; on thorny or barren ground;  in the cellar, a deep pit; in a convent, a cave;  or a deserted forest.  Dedicate the shrine in the key of G.

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