Considered by many to be the preeminent sign of the zodiac, the birthsign of the Earth itself, Cancer counts among its best qualities loyalty, kindness, inclusiveness, and tenacity.
     The dual nature of Cancer is demonstrated here in the shape of a crab, at home both in the ocean deeps and the sea shore.  The Egyptians saw a sacred scarab in the stars here, which seemed to rise from a ball of waste and live forever.  How does a prudent Cancer in the age of Aquarius reconcile the material grossness of this world with his eternal existence?  With love of course!  Cancers feel.  The best drawn plans of the Cancer businesswoman are alive with seething emotion.

     The Moon, that deep hidden shadowy center of our Hearts and Minds is at home in the sign of the cold wet Crab.  Its pearlescent light, ever changing, yet keeps regular the weeks of seasons, the cycle of years, affirm that the nature of Cancer is one of cyclic change.  

     The Moon is sensitive, physically our weakest point, and must be protected, hence, we never touch with iron that part of the body then occupied by the moon.  We don't die from having surgery on the breasts when the moon is in Cancer, but we don't heal quickly either.  

     Jupiter is at it's most generous in Cancer, exalting to the best of it's reach all that it touches!!

     Saturn in Cancer has lost the ability to say 'no', which is a real issue with Cancer-  no boundaries!  Neither can the ambitious Mars stir up zeal or express anger adequately.  These issues must be worked around and reworked in the chart before they can be worked upon in life.

     The Apostolic link to Cancer lies in Simon the Zealot of course, whose intensity is legendary.  The Hebrew Scripture links through Joseph, of the many blessings.


     What we love most about Cancer is just that;  love.  Cancers love, or hate, from deeply within themselves.  When they are our friend, they know intuitively when we need a hug, a muffin, or a good swift kick to get us back on track.  When they love us too much, they totally overwhelm us, and we have to fight to breathe.  We can form a healthy bond with Cancer by keeping the partnership in balance, always.  Don't let them play the martyr!!!




      If you were born between July 15th and July 25th your rising stars are those of the constellation of Ursa Minor, the little Bear, or Little Flock, which include our current North Star, Polaris. Those people and relationships born under these stars are humane, kind, and dislike dissension; marked mediumistic tendencies and sensitivities.

    Your Tarot ID card is the 2 of cups, a happy card which signifies friendship, love, union of souls, and is one of the most blessed and fortunate cards in the entire deck.  




      If you were born between July 25th and August 5th, your rising stars are those of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, or Greater Sheepfold.  These stars wrap around the pole, hence never set. Those people and relationships born under these stars are proud, practical, with a strong desire to help others in need.  

     Your Tarot ID pip card is the 3 of cups,   The scene here is one of great celebration and joy.  




       If you were born between July 5th and 15th...  your stars are those of Argo the Barq, or Ship.

      Your Tarot ID is the 4 of cups, a reflective card which comments on the contemplation of life, direction, and the next course, which cannot be hurried.         

    The Chariot fills the space of Cancer in card form in the Sacred Tarot.

     The Chariot in this symbolic card demonstrates the spiritual paths offered to mankind, and the secrets one must discover within in order to traverse them.   Among it's many mysteries, The Chariot reminds us of the riddle posed by the Sphynx, and it's answer.                                              


     The High Priestess encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Cancer as the moon, the source of the tides, both without and within.  Life would not be possible without the moon or the sea.

     The Priestess reminds us that matter everything in creation has gender, vibration, number, and spirit.                                          



     The natural scent of Cancer is lily of the valley, night blooming jasmine, pink rose, and ginger.  Its metals are silver and aluminum.  Most people will agree that the pearl and moonstone are remarkable gems, but the prudent Cancer will choose the rose quartz.  This stone promotes heart healing through positive self love, self esteem, self image and a good body image.  It heals the emotional body and its heartaches, loneliness, inducing emotional release and clearing.  It fosters acceptance, inner peace, forgiveness, and self forgiveness, soothing and easing fears and grief.  

    Cancers fabric is softest flannel or fleece.

     Moon foods cheese, dairy products, sesame oil, candied ginger, melons of all kinds, and of course shellfish. 

    These associations give the prudent Cancer a deeper insight into his nature and place in the world.   

     Your words of knowledge are, 'I am deeply concerned about everything.'  

   The garden of Cancer embraces the iris, jasmine, water lily, white rose, anise, sesame, coriander, ginger hyssop, lettuce, willow, and watercress.  In the foreground must be a little white house, white seashells, moon snail shells, with a statue of the Blessed Mother holding the Holy Child is a fit centerpiece.

      The most effective pilgrimage for a Cancer or anyone with a strong influx of the Heart and Mind influence would be to the Cathedral of St. James at Compostela in Spain.

     The most effective shrine would be in a bathroom by the tub, or in the bathroom sink, also the shower; outside by a lake, river, a brook, and places where rushes or vegetables grow; anywhere in the kitchen; in the home itself which is ruled by Cancer;  the stall of a sheepfold; in a tavern, hotel, motel, or boardinghouse; anywhere in the cellar, or a corner facing north in your own house.  Dedicate the shrine in the key of G.

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