The Spring Lamb rushes across the heavens from April 13th till May 13th.   As the Initiator of the Zodiac, Aries finest qualities are dauntless courage, unending energy, resilience, and a contagious zest for life. 

     The Egyptians saw the Lamb more as a sheep in unison with the hireling who watched the flock; duality here demonstrated in almost irreconcilable terms! Here we see so clearly demonstrated that this earthly life is a lease for our eternal souls, and not its ultimate goal, that we are tempted toward recklessness and indifference to that lease. As hirelings, we know this body, this temple, this earth is not ours; do we act like the wise servants and still give it our 110% best efforts? 

   The Emperor fills out the meaning of Aries in card form in the Sacred Tarot. The Emperor in this symbolic card demonstrates the principle that rulership decends from God on high, either through a monarchy or through the Voice of the People.  Strength, right, and righteousness all reflect the majesty of God.  Among it's many mysteries, The Emperor reminds us that we are all soldiers, in a battle with ourselves, our greatest foe.          

     Understandably, the celestial influence most at home here is Mars, Marduk, Athena, that Dynamo of Energy. Mars displays how willing and skilled the prudent Aries is in publicly letting our actions speak louder than our words.  In other word, 'to dare, and to be silent!'  We love Aries to jump right in feet first and test the waters;  we know by the result whether or not we will follow!      

    The Falling Tower encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Aires as the planetary influence of Mars, Dynamic Energy.  Dynamic Energy reveals itself in its name, as does the Emperor it reflects.  Among its many mysteries, The Tower reminds us that anything built upon a foundation of sand will not stand.

     The sun is exalted in Aries, making this sign the most zestful, the strongest and bravest and the most fun!!  Aries imbues all which pass through it with confidence, courage, enthusiasm, leadership capabilities, and lots of energy!

     Venus, the Golden Girl, is never far from the sun in the zodiac.  If we have Venus in Aries, we have real problems attracting what we want, and in handling money, because we tend to try to pursue, Mars-like, rather than makes 'sheeps eyes' and whisper, 'come hither!'.  

    Saturn, the celestial teacher and king of NO!!, gives all who have him in Aries a real problems with authority of any kind, which a native Aries  has already, in spades!  Both of these orbs in Aries are a chance to rework, work around and work our magick in our lives before their issues can be worked upon.


     If you were born between April 15th and April 25th, then your rising stars are those of Cassiopeia, the woman enthroned.  Many of the wisest see this image as that of the earth Herself! Those people and relationships born under these stars are impetuous, intelligent, independent, persevering, and assertive.

     Your Tarot ID is the 2 of wands, which signifies looking out into the world, or having the world at your fingertips, and the resultant temptations to the ego. 




       If you were born between the 25th of April and the 5th of May, your rising stars are those of Cetus the SeaMonster, or Whale.  This huge leviathan is sometimes identified with Tiamat. Those people and relationships born under these stars are fiery, romantic, determined, with hidden talents.

     Your Tarot ID card is the three of wands.  The scene here is one of casting ones bread upon the waters.  Will your ship come in, or will it be swallowed by the whale?                        




       If you were born between May 5th through the 15th your stars are those of Perseus The Hero.  Having slain the Medusa, enemy of Athena, with that goddess' aid, this hero went about rescuing damsels in distress, until he fell in love with Andromeda. Those people and relationships born under these stars are honest, sincere, genuinely warmhearted, and noble in nature.

     Your Tarot ID card the 4 of rods!!  This fortunate card reflects a perfect union with the spirit within, and is the best card in the deck!!  



     The Apostle related to Aries is James the Just, or James the Greater, foreshadowed by Issachar, the Strong Man of Hire,  in the Hebrew Scriptures.    

      The natural scent of Aries is that of bayberry and cloves. Iron, or steel, is the metal. Traditionally; the diamond or bloodstone as the gem, But the wise Aries would consider the humble and abundant mica. This material aids in perceiving the things of the soul, helping to understand the levels and layers of soul structure and improves the ability to see the many layers of a situation, especially from a spiritual perspective. It helps in discerning reality from illusion.

    Aries material lambswool.

    When Aries remembers to eat, the foods are hot mustard, peppercorns, rhubarb, salsa, lamb, cashews, and curry. 

    These associations give the prudent Aries a deeper insight into his nature and place in the world. 

    Your words of knowledge are, 'I thrive on stress.'

    The garden of Aries contains holly, aloe, dogwood, jonquil, hyacinth, honeysuckle, snapdragon, cactus, cayenne, basil, cumin, paprika, marjoram,
mustard, onions, and garlic. It would center around a lamb, a rams head, or iron helmet.

    The most effective pilgrimage for an Aries or anyone with a strong influx of Martian influence would be to Notre Dame de Paris in France.

    The most effective shrine would be on a sandy hill, a dry barren place, where sheep are seen; a lime or brick kiln; a fireplace, tool house, forge, in the corner facing east, or east corner room. Dedicate the shrine in the key of D.

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