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    The Water bearer flows across the skies from February 15th till March 15th in real time;  in the seasonal zodiac, from the 20th of January till the 18th of February. All for one, and one for all! Duality is expressed in Aquarius by both the female water bearer, her jug, and the water flowing from without it. Most esotericists regard Aquarius as a resurrection from the depths.

Lilith, who gives form even to freedom, has initial rulership of Aquarius; it is a serious mistake to blithely disregard this in the brighter light of the Iris, as the native too has a need for structure and organization in the core of his nature which is in danger of overbalancing by the corulership. Dual rulership is a difficult task for the most advanced.

Iris, the Awakening Messenger, is most at home here in the most free thinking, group conscious sign. In the influence of Iris many prudent magickians recognize the very star of the next avatar. In mundane astrology, Iris has the reputation of being a wild card, impossible to know, impossible to predict, always challenging the status quo and upsetting every aspect of life at bedrock level.

The natural scent of Aquarius is cinnamon and cloves. Platinum and uranium are the recognized metals. Traditionally the garnet, zircon, or obsidian are mentioned as the gems but the modern angelite is worth considering. This stone stabilizes the emotions and the physical and emotional bodies, enhances creativity and teaching abilities, and aids in dispelling anger, aids forgiveness and self forgiveness, and is obviously close to the angelic levels!

The fitting materials are feathers, or feathery fabrics.

Aquarian foodstuffs are coffee, ginseng, cinnamon, cloves, and pomegranates.

These associations give the prudent Aquarius a deeper insight into her nature and place in the world.

Your words of knowledge are, 'Let's get together and get excited!'

The Aquarius garden features carnation, arbutus, wild rose, ginseng, allspice, clove, chicory, cinnamon, nutmeg, unicorn root, pomegranate, star anise, and ladies slipper, and must have a waterfall!

The most effective pilgrimage for an Aquarius or anyone with a strong influx of Iris energy would be Roslyn Chapel in Scotland.

In addition, the Iris corulership can be recognized by a following visit to Alamogordo, New Mexico, Roswell, New Mexico, or Colorado.

The most effective shrine would be on hilly and uneven places where water runs, near springs or conduits, vineyards, roofs of houses, eaves, on the dashboard of a car, any highway (rest stop), railroad crossings, broadcast stations, power lines, electric power houses, garages. Dedicate the shrine in the tone of A.

The Three Phases of Aquarius

Every sign has three phases, or decanates, which change every ten days or degrees. This is another reason for the vast differences between the Aquarians! Called Rising Stars, these constellations stamp their signature on us at the hour of our birth, and at the birth of each new day. These rising stars tell us a great deal about which myth we may be enacting, with which archetypes, and which dramas we may live out in our lives.

The decanates of Aquarius are the Southern Fish, Pegasus, and the Swan.

The first decanate is the Southern Fish, ranging from the 14th till the 24th of February.  How the Southern Fish sparkles in the sunrise skies!  This Star Fish has close associations with Dagon, Atargatis, and Oannes, water gods all. Those people and relationships born under these stars are born to be before the public, with magnetic, psychic personalities.  

     The second decanate of Aquarius is The Winged Horse, Pegasus. These stars range from the 24th of February till the 4th of March.  Beloved by the Goddess Athena, Pegasus kicked open a spring of clear clean water, said to be the source of all poetic inspiration. Those people and relationships born under these stars are connected with commercial and literary affairs, guiding stars in every sense, and have excellent powers of concentration.

     The third decanate of Aquarius is Cygnus the Swan, circling the skies from the 4th till the 14th of March.  The Ancients considered Cygnus to be a point destination for the souls of the dead at departure. Cygnus was a close friend of Phaeton, who dived into the sea and swam in circles trying to recover the body of his lost friend after his fiery catastrophe. Those people and relationships born under these stars are pleasant and cheerful, artistically gifted, musically inclined, and idealistic.


A Real Aquarian, Pamela Coleman Smith

     A loaded Aquarius, no matter where it falls in the horoscope, or activity in the eleventh house, no matter the sign falling there, always gives us a need to give back to the community, to be inclusive, to think in terms of Everyman.   

      Pamela Coleman Smith is the artist who designed all the pictorials on the Rider Waite deck;  by rights we should call it the Smith Rider deck.  She lived in obscurity, died penniless, brought enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom and joy to generations of Tarot enthusiasts.  No greater accolade could be given an Aquarian!

Mother Ann Lee

      This perfect example of Aquarius was born February 29, 1736, at Manchester, in the UK which was such a different time and place than today!  Mother Ann has an Aquarian sun in the 10th house of profession, verifying that her choice of work was being 'the light of the world'.  She channeled the Voice of God the Mother through her founding of Shaker culture and colony. This is a trend of the future, as Part of Fortune in Aquarius and Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 8th house of legacy suggest.  This legacy of the Shaker culture includes its many all natural hand made works. The coming age will know the name of Mother Ann Lee and the soothing spirit of the Shaker ways! 

Uranus rules Aquarius

     Uranus has toured Aquarius since 2003, remaining till 2010.  It's last transit was 1919 till 1928, the Roaring 20's;  before that, 1835-44.     


This is pretty much a socially refined, uplifting transit, which makes us aspire to the heights!

     We became much more free and broad in our outlook and philosophy, and much more liberal in our views.  This transit was marked by the explosion of the Net and all kinds of electronic devices like our cell phones and Blackberry and Ipod as necessities into our daily lives.


Iris The Information Specialist!

     Iris is the goddess of the Rainbow, and the messenger of the rest of the spirit world and the divine realm.  No surprise that one of the most frequent symbols of the Aquarian Age is the Rainbow!


     The iris as flower, which grows always in the shady shadowy wetlands, is the ancient symbol of messages from the spirit world, too.  Look at the Star Tarot card, Trump 17.   

     The major keys of the coming age will hinge on energy, probably hydroelectric, on information and messages, on technology, and on group values.


     The dark side of this is corporate dictation of what an individual can do on her off time...

 If you want to invite Iris into your life, meditate on The Star in the Sacred Tarot. Listen for the thousands of messages you receive immediately!

Uranus is felt in the card known as The Fool.

When the moon is in Aquarius

we are at our most inclusive and philanthropic. We look at the Big Picture, almost exclusively, and tend to really believe that one size fits all. Not the time to go on an ego trip. Special care must be taken of the small joints and ankles, as these are at their most vulnerable now. Recall, 'touch not with iron those parts of the body resided by the moon.' You won't die if you sprain your ankle now, but you won't heal as rapidly and recover as fully, either.



If you were born with the moon in Aquarius, this is your nature and essence;  you are more Aquarian emotionally, and in your outlook.



The placement of the moon in your chart always represents your mom.  Though she may not be an Aquarian, this sign represents the parameters of your relationship with her;  she is free spirited and broad minded, inspires rather than dictates, and though she really talks a lot, she has a great deal of sensible things to say.



Ceres in Aquarius

     Ceres in Aquarius makes for a young, vibrant, forward thinking mom, who is a best friend and counselor to her children.


Saturn in Aquarius

     Saturn is partial ruler of Aquarius in the ancient texts and in horary, and this orb is what gives the free spirited sign its tether to reality!  Deep profound thinking is characteristic of this time.


     Saturn represents a womans dad in her chart, and while he may not be an Aquarius, we are blessed by his attitude of helpfulness, thoughtfulness, quiet dignity, and refreshing broadmindedness.




Pallas in Aquarius

  Pallas in Aquarius looks like her dad, acts like her dad, and has his free spirit shining out of her eyes!

Mercury in Aquarius

     While Mercury transits Aquarius, we can really get into science, math, politics, and complex issues.

     If we were born with Mercury in Aquarius, our minds are quick but  not shallow, and we need mental stimulation from the company we keep.

    Think the Bronte Sisters

Venus in Aquarius

       While Venus transits Aquarius, we want to be with our friends! 

     If you were born with this wonderful transit, you are popular, a good friend to both genders, fun, light hearted, and supportive.

Mars in Aquarius

     Mars in a womans chart indicates the type of man she finds enthralling!  Most of all, she wants a friend.


Vesta in Aquarius
  Vesta in Aquarius has an unusual talent to which she may devote all her energies and time.

Jupiter in Aquarius

     Jupiter was co ruler of Aquarius at one time, along with Saturn;  when this transit happens it's mind expanding, colorful, rich and happy.

     The placement of Jupiter in a womans chart indicates the type of man she would wisely choose in marriage.  He too must be mind expanding, creative, fun, colorful, and well able to handle the financial rewards of his creativity.


Juno in Aquarius

     Most of us will choose to marry, and for great reasons;  Juno in Aquarius lets us know we will be strong enough in our own power and identity, our own fame and passion, to want to share it with a commited man.


    Think Emma Thompson

Neptune in Aquarius

     Neptune was in Aquarius from 1848-62, and will reenter in January 2010, remaining till May 2022.        

     If we have this placement in our daughters and granddaughters charts, know that they will be independant, perceptive, love nature, popular and sociable, and extremely original in their thinking.  Scientifically and spiritually inclined, the will be joiners, yet retain their individuality.  They will be deeply involved with the problems and difficulities of their many friends.


Pluto in Aquarius

         Pluto was last in Aquarius in 1799, till 1822.  Our nation was young, and rowdy, and establishing it's identity.

       Tea Party Express  Like now.

Lilith the Dark Moon in Aquarius

Lilith in Aquarius really dares to be different. 

The Moons Nodes

     North Node:  many friends.

     South Node:  all the friends you had in prior lifetimes still surround you.

The Part of Fortune

Predicts all of your hopes and wishes and dreams will realize! 

     I offer in-depth, practical astrological counsel, focusing on self empowerment and strategy for life. We can chat about your goals and ideals, the best way to facilitate them, how to feed the kids while in school, and if you really are attracting the bad boys.  I always use sidereal astrology, as this is the most accurate form I have found.  Check out the Use Astrology Wisely page for details, or email me at .

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