The Waterbearer flows across the skies from the 15th of February till the 15th of March.  All for one, and one for all!  Duality is expressed in Aquarius by both the female water bearer, her jug, and the water flowing from without it.

     Most of the Wise regard this as the Age of Aquarius right now, as a resurrection from the depths of the past.

     Saturn, the most Serious and stalwert of the planets, the last in the natural order, has premiern rulership of Aquarius; and it is a serious mistake to blithely disregard this rulership in the light of the discovery of Uranus and it's connection to the sign of the Waterbearer.  Bright Uranus the Awakeners brings a strong push outward, a new kind of light, but the native Aquarian has just as much a need for structure and organization in the core of his nature which is in danger of overbalancing by the corulership. Dual rulership is a difficult task for even the most advanced soul, and this one is a dilly.

      Uranus the Awakener is most at home here in the most free thinking, group conscious sign. In the influence of the Awakener many of the wisest and most prudent recognize the very star of Jesus of Nazareth,the Messiah. In mundane astrology, Uranus has the reputation of being a wild card, impossible to hold, impossible to predict, always challenging the status quo and upsetting every aspect of life at bedrock level. Sounds like the call of a revolutionary, certainly. In His own sign, the Awakener is getting a 'whole lot of shakin' going on' among us on earth. 

     The sun is weak in Aquarius, leading to some fraility in health unless it is strongly supported by other planets.  

     Also, darkling Pluto is unable to work his usual magick here because Aquarius tends to be disruptive anyway.  These problems need to be reworked and worked around while in this sign, before the issues which they raise within us can be worked on directly.


     Neptune is in exaltation here, casting nets of boundlessness!


     The Star embodies the sign of Aquarius in card form in the Sacred Tarot.  The Star in this symbolic card demonstrates the plethora of strength, guidance, sustaining grace and message of hope enveloping us on earth, from the heavens.  Among it's many mysteries, The Star reminds us that we are under eternal vigilance and protection of a host of angels.


     The World displays the real soul of Saturn, ruler of Aquarius.

    The Fool encompasses the planetary influence of the sign Aquarius as the planet Uranus, or the Awakener.  Many of the wise consider Uranus, just visibleto the naked eye in 2 B.C., to be Christs own star, as spoken of by the Magi.  The Fool reminds that life is far beyond our control, yet, is firmly in control of the one who knows every feather of every sparrow ever hatched.   Among its many mysteries, The Fool reminds us of the mystery of Faith.     

    If you were born between February 15th and the 25th the  stars of the Southern Fish would be considered your Rising Stars to the Ancient astrologers.   In the Tarot, these stars are represented by the 5 of swords, signifies loss, losing to a bully.  This is the  feeling in the human soul from the exodus from Eden; however it is not our future portion.




    If you were born between the 25th of February and the 5th of March,  your rising stars are those of Pegasus the Winged Horse, the 6 of swords. The scene here is one of change from troubles and turbulence to surroundings of still waters, on the wings of Victory.    




    If you were born between March 5th through the 15th your stars are those of Cygnus the Swan, with the 7 of swords reflecting the actions of a thief in the of the most important and profound of the great sacred mysteries.



    How can you identify any air sign person? 

     The Air court can be known by their panache, their flair for the original, and by the drama that they inspire in those around them. If you have a hidden fear, secret shame, guilty conscience, or extra toe, be sure an Air folk will find thee out! And they will tell everyone, as they talk incessantly. Curious, judgmental, adroit of intellect and body, graceful, elegant, malicious, criminal and just. The aircourt is always restless, having a sense of recklessness about them, and seldom do they count the consequences. Swords people speak incisively, display excellent judgment, and share keen insights.  By nature they are active, competitive, go-getters, achievers, and award winners.  

     The trees here noted are sad cypress; the birds are black, the cherubs stone, and the butterflies are ideals only. Swords folks are sad as only realists can be sad. They deal with sorrow efficiently, but it has left its mark on their souls. 

    You may know the air court by having met them in the winter months, the rainy season, on a windy day, in an airplane, in the open air, at the airport, in court, at a sports event, or have seen them on TV. 

    By occupation they are most frequently in the military or police; often they may be 'on the air' or in show business, in computer software design, or any occupation which deals in the abstract; decision makers or arbitrators, judges or butchers or surgeons; they love to work with tools and the women are always on the cell phone, blackberry or iPod. 

    In cases of physical description, be guided by the imagery in your chosen deck and your intuitive capacities. Usually swords people are red to auburn haired, with medium coloring, with hazel or light eyed; this applied equally to Vikings and Africans.







     Any man born in an air sign is a King of Swords.
     He may also be someone who loves sailing, or who flies airplanes for fun, as these are a Swords orientations.  

      A king of Swords could be a man you met in the open air, at a sports arena or field, at a balloon exhibition, or an airport.
      His occupation may be that of surgeon, lawyer, or salesman.  He will display keen judgment of others capacities, be shrewd of speech, and look sharp.
     His temper could quickly and easily flare.





     The Queens of Swords are energetic, high maintenance friends, who are always on the phone, texting you a thousand messages, all of them full of fun and gossip.

     When you have a problem, they know ten other people who had the same thing happen, and can tell exactly what each person did that was different and which was the same.

     Swords women are fair weather friends, who show you exactly which way the wind blows.





     All air sign people tend to travel frequently.  They may be travel agents or pilots or stewardesses, or just be on the move a lot, or change jobs every two years.  

     They may be journalists, in the broadcast industry, or in politics.  They are always well groomed and dressed for the occasion, and can articulate well. 

     They negotiate.  Principle seldom gets in the way of the bottom line.  

     Air signs are risk takers.

    Aquarius in particular are in control and in charge, almost to the point of being bossy!





     The Page of Swords always brings news, especially news from far away places, and a change of scene.

     Physical activity is an air sign trait!

     Some think that air signs make the best spys and investigators.  Some also think Aquarians are psychotic, but this is unfair. 






     The natural scent of Aquarius is cinnamon and cloves. Platinum and uranium are the recognized metals. Traditionally the garnet, zircon, or obsidian are mentioned as the gems but the modern angelite is worth considering. This stone stabilizes the emotions and the physical and emotional bodies, enhances creativity and teaching abilities, and aids in dispelling anger, aids forgiveness and self forgiveness, and is obviously close to the angels! 

     The fitting materials are feathers, or feathery fabrics. 

     Aquarian foodstuffs are coffee, ginseng, cinnamon, cloves, and pomegranates. 

     These associations give the prudent Christian Aquarius a deeper insight into his nature and place in the world. 

     Your words of knowledge are, 'Let's get together and get excited!'

     The Aquarius garden features carnation, arbutus, wild rose, ginseng, allspice, clove, chicory, cinnamon, nutmeg, unicorn root, pomegranate, star anise, and
ladies slipper, and must have a waterfall!

     The most effective pilgrimage for an Aquarius or anyone with a strong influx of Serious influence would be Roslyn Chapel in Scotland.

     In addition, the Uranian corulership can be recognized by a following visit to Alamogordo, New Mexico, Roswell, New Mexico, or Colorado.

     The most effective shrine would be on hilly and uneven places where water runs, near springs or conduits, vineyards, roofs of houses, eaves, on the
dashboard of a car, any highway (rest stop), railroad crossings, broadcast stations, power lines, electric power houses, garages. Dedicate the shrine in the
tone of A. 

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