The astrology columns that you read on the Net, or in the magazines in the doctors office, are empowering and colorful and usually, right on target.  


    Just usually, though, because most astrologers in the western hemisphere still use the Greek method of calculation, called tropical or seasonal astrology.  It works, and works well, most of the time, for most people.

    When it isn't working as well as for most people, or when we are not most people, or when this isn't most of the time, we can search a little further into our modern world.


     The astrology most noted for its spot on accuracy and focus is taught today in India.  The astrologers of India use the sidereal method of the science, using observation of where the planets are right now in the heavens, rather than where the orbs are for the season.  Makes more sense.

     On the hand, Indian, or Jyotish astrology can be pretty grim!  India is an ancient nation, but not at all option-oriented.  Jyotish has remedies for suffering, rather than encouraging you to take your Fate into your own hands, and work on it from a western approach.  


     A fine Irish fellow combined the two schools of approach to the ancient science of astrology in the 1970s, resultant in the best and most accurate approach ever!!  You can Google Western Sidereal Astrology or Cyril Fagan for a complete presentation of this modern updated system!



      Ronald Reagan, who went from Army private to lieutenant to successful actor to the 40th president of the USA, used astrology regularly.  He was the only US president to escape the curse of Tecumseh, that of being assassinated after an even year 0 year election.  Impressive!!


     All of the freedom fighters whom we call The Founding Fathers were Free Masons, and astrologers.  Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, to name a few.  Said Poor Richard, "Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the wise and the great." 


     Carl Jung said, "We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have qualities of the year and the season in which we are born."


     T. S. Eliotís epic poem The Waste Land is full of astrological references.


     The Three Wise Men of the East, recognized in the Gospel of Matthew, were Astrologers. 


     The Roman Catholic church is rampant with the trappings of astrology, just look anywhere!! 


     Plato said : "Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself." 


     Albert Einstein: "Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it." 


     Ralph Waldo Emerson : "Astrology is astronomy brought down to earth and applied  toward the affairs of man." 


     JP Morgan : "Millionaires donít use astrology, billionaires do." 


     Sir Isaac Newton, noted astrologer himself,  said in defense of astrology, to skeptic Edmund Halley, 'I have studied the matter. You, sir, have not.'


    Robert A. Heinlein, the best-selling Sci Fi Author said : "A touchstone to determine the actual worth of an Ďintellectualí, find out how he feels about astrology." 


     Hippocrates, the father of Medicine said,  "A physician without the knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician." 


    D H Lawrence, the noted classical author, once remarked, "Who knows the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus? But it is a vital power, rippling exquisitely through us all the time." 


    Louis Pasteur, the biologist who invented the pasteurization process,  "The controls of life are structured as forms and nuclear arrangements, in relation with the motions of the universe." 


   Pythagoras view as that "The stars in the heavens sing a music if only we had ears to hear." 


    Donald Reagan Ė Formerly Ronald Reaganís Chief of Staff said : "Itís common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrologers. 


   Some people are afraid of what they might find out... misfortune, broken marriage, sorrows and ruin through bad decisions, divorce, disaster, terrible children...


     But if one knows where these weaknesses and dangers exist, one can take preventive actions, avoid them, or take a different route altogether.  We know of many strong preventatives and remediations in western astrology which the Vedic variety doesn't stress.  These are always present in every chart!!  When a person is dealing with a difficult situation already, it pays to know where to make the wisest and most effective changes.


     Also in the script are opportunities for reaching the skies, grabbing the brass ring, smashing the glass ceiling and winning the dream of a life time!!


     Knowledge is power, and forewarned is forearmed.


     It's always better to know what's coming!! 







  Sometimes cost is a factor, and I can thoroughly understand this;  that's why I always let you decide on the end price.  




     You decide how much detail you need on your birth horoscope, on what will happen to you this year, or on what you want to know about a particular subject, be it person, job or situation, and we price it accordingly.  Just click on Chart Your Course, or shoot me an email at



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