Tuesday 13 November 2018

The sun tilts at 26 degrees of sidereal Libra as we slide toward the dark side of the year. Autumn in it's last stage sees the stars bright as jewels and the skies cloudless and clear as can be! Winter holds a poignant beauty!

A sober Capricorn moon has us in workmode! 

Let's be more careful with our joints, skin, teeth, bones, and hair.  Our kidneys are vulnerable.

A day of no surprises!!  It's a surprise that we already had this kind of day last week, last Tuesday in fact, and here we are again!  

The morning brings healing, healthful energies to us and we really enjoy breakfast with family or coworkers.  By 7 06 AM eastern, 4 06 AM Pacific, we are in the most helpful frame of mind!

The morning rushes by and we sail through it! We find what we were expecting by 7 13 AM Pacific, 10 13 AM eastern time.

Our mood expands and floods our environs with good will by 10 05 AM Pacific, 1 05 PM eastern. A great day!!

Tomorrow, we can expect good reports!  


Venus is about to turn direct!!!  Friday at 2 51 AM Pacific, 5 51 AM eastern, we see the world as brightly shining and sweet as it is.  As Venus blesses us again, Mercury goes retrograde, and no one really understands how glad we are about it all.  We have till 5 33 PM Pacific, 8 33 PM eatern time, to voice our joy in words.






Talk about the blues!

More like the reds!! Mercury, our orb of communication, slinks through Scorpio, making us naturally cautious, a bit snoopy, and inclined toward doubt.  


The orb itself will turn backward in Scorpio on the 16th of November till December 6th.  We have time to dig in our own dirt, air our own secrets, shed light into our own souls, then!



That phantom moon which science swears could not exist but which astronomers have seen on many occasions, Vulcan, inculcates real wisdom now as it passes closest to the sun.  






The Pause that counts!

The golden girl of the cosmos, Venus, sits in her autumn home, Libra, all gold and grace and great dinner parties, in a state of reconsideration.  Our tastes have never been more genteel or elegant, but we find ourselves wanting to improve, to focus, to increase what is good and recycle what is not.  What a gift of time!

Now is a great time to keep steady on our appearance, our funds, our current possessions. We may be tempted to splurge on the dramatic and new and original, but we may find we will hate it next month.

This is a splendid window to research the history of social grace, etiquette, civil exchange!!  

Spending time with our current friends, pals, loves and pets will increase our joy!


Getting Together!
Mighty Mars, orb of action and confidenceis whirling in organized, forward-thinking Capricorn where he is exalted, powerful, in charge!  Completely certain of himself and his aims, he fills us with that same surety. What we do now, when it comes to family, job, profession, or governance, can really make a profound difference not only to us and our family, our corporate entity, but for everyone!! 


Optimal thinking

begins with clearning out the old scandals and dross. The king of planets,  Jupiter is upending secrets and outting lies. The smell will reach high heaven!!

Back in the Saddle Again!

     Saturn rides through sidereal Sagittarius, pointing us in the right direction when it comes to the law, the Law, travel, school, scheduling, or journeys near or far having to do with our religious views.  

     At his best, Saturn can steady all the wild sky horses with sober calm, turning their tricks into reigns to guide our own inner drives with a more mature hand.  

     Saturn is all about form, walls, and watching.  We will discover this in 2018!



All the fuss is about just that, fuss.
Uranus, the cosmic hand grenade, blasts through Aries, the sign of All or Nothing At All.  Our sudden impulses and tracks seem so intense!!  As spring launches itself upon us, he will explode through the Spring Lamb like a soccer match on steroids.  Sports, military maneuvers, policing issues and leadership opportunities seem to materialize out of the air, and demand immediate action.  Let's be ready to think on our feet, Star Travelers!   This can be a fun time full of exploration, innovation, experimentation.

Fussy and fuzzy too!

Our faculties of Inspiration are under the bluegreen mists of Neptune, the orb of idealismand music, as it buoys through Aquarius, the sign of ideas, brotherhood, idealism, and innovation.  This  inspires delightful forms and colors for a future that is more out of this world than of it.   

Currently retrograde till November 24th, we find our minds crystal clear, our reasoningability a bit cold.  A perfect window for studying without passion or prejudice, the most confusing and complicated of issues.  


Truth will out!

Pluto, the fateful, fitful energy orb which can open our eyes to what is really there in front of us cruises in the sign of true blue Sagittarius.  Our core beliefs about religion, the law, The Law, education, and foreign affairs will be challenged, turned upside down and inside out, and we are wise to move through slowly to examine our own innards to see what is really going on there.  Sagittarius is the great Truth Seeker.  Let's not disappoint Him! With courage, dignity, and grace, we can refine and now redefine who and what we are, in our inner reality.  As Pluto next visits the sign of government, dads everywhere, the corporate culture, we can emerge much more sure of ourselves and our beliefs and principles by engaging with Fate now!


Pluto will engage with the sun and with Venus on the 9 th of January 2018 in a powerful embrace which is bound to change feelings, values, and core beliefs, bringing to the surface all that is rotten and obstructive to be lanced, cleansed, purified, and healed.  This may be a painful process but not likely violent, especially if we do not fight it, but go with the tides of heaven. 



Jupiter is retrograde till just after the 4th of July, awakening old memories and reconnecting us with old times.  On the 10th we lurch forward!

Saturn blocks his blocks now, turning around and changing his mind on important issues.  Let's not get giddy when it comes to the law, the Law, travel, school, scheduling, or journeys near or far having to do with our religious views.  Saturn will go direct on September 6th. 


Pluto is also retrograde, keeping the demons in the dark, safely away from us till September 30th.



At home

The planette which keeps watch on the home fires, Vesta, shoots through Sagittarius, and we have a flurry of knocks at the door.



Romance or not?

Our spousal planette Juno sits persuasive and suave in Taurus, where she is actually happy for once!! Juno is almost never happy when alone, or when committed, so let's take advantage!



Our health and welfare issues

can be fixed if we want to take the time to go back and work on our inner emotional issues.  With the planette Chiron, our Wounded Healer, retrograde in Pisces now, real success is possible when using color, theater, drama, or past life therapy. 



Our social interchange

Pallas, the planettary BFF and sister in arms, roars in Leo, and its all about family now.



Mom and things mom

The planette Ceres, the cook of the solar system, travels through the sign of the celestial Gardener, Virgo.  We will be trying out our green thumb and canning the results! 



This marks the tenth complete lunation for this year.

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