July 2021

    Cancer scuttles across heaven from July 15th through August 15th.

     The sign of Cancer is clearly reminiscent of Mary, mother of Jesus, who suffered so much over her Divine Child.  Within the confines of Cancer in the sky is the minor sign of Praesepe, the Manger, clearly indicating where Jesus was born.   

     Also close to Cancer is the Little Bear, within which is Polaris the Pole Star, our guide home from everywhere.  The Heavenly Ship of Argo contains the star Canopus, important to many early people.

     Cancer is the mother of so much concern for so many!!  Cancer always lights the way!  And she is always right!

     Cancer is also the mother of needless drama and high drama, at that!  This is because the pearly light of the moon, under the feet of the woman clothed with the sun, is a reflected light, not its' own.  Cancer empathically picks out others thoughts and feelings, and confuses them with her own; this is why so many miracles of Jesus appear to come from Mary, His mother!

     Cancer is an empath, who one day will play a major role in the healing of the nations.   Cancers lands include Japan, New Guinea, and eastern Australia.

     Many of our Protestant congregations point out, validly, that elevating Mary, Jesus' mother, to a status she could never earn, is unscriptural and borders on idolatry.  We agree; she could never earn a semi divine status, as we ourselves can never earn our place in heaven or our salvation into eternity.  No human is capable of earning these; they are gifts of God to us.  We see clearly that God did elevate Mary to zodiacal status, before the universe was created, He out her heart and soul up in the skies as a model mother.  We have no problem with His decision.


    As a Cancer, this season is the most protective of life, especially young life! 

Loving, caring, nurturing, a natural parent and god parent to all, this knight

makes a home comfortable on any battlefield.  A good cook, too


     Judging the character by the names of the stars in the sign, the Cancer knight

is all about Sheltering in A Hiding Place the Assembled Thousands; the Kids

and the Lambs being safe in The Crech.   The Mighty Prince (Sirius), A Strong Right Arm, Bright Shining Scarlet, Glorious, and To Lead to Glory.  




From July 16th till the 26th, the cool white stars of the Little Bear, also known as the Lesser Flock, beat the sun up.  This star group houses our current North Star, Polaris.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Center, Focus of the Constellations, The Assembled, and The Traveling Company.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are humane, kind, and dislike dissension; marked mediumistic tendencies and sensitivities. 

The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 


From July 26th till the 4th of August, Callisto, of Ursa Major, or the Greater Flock, graces sunrise.  These stars wrap around the pole, hence never set.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Ordered; The Purchased;  The Guarded; The Lamb; the Appointed; and The Strong.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are proud, practical, with a strong desire to help others in need.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 


From the 4th till the 14th of August the graceful, gold-filled Argo, the Ship, or Barque as in barque of St. Peter, rises with the sun. The individual names for the stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Possession of Him Who Comes; Who Returns From Afar; The Released Who Travel; and The Desired.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are mentally strong, fortunate, and respectful of elders; such as create their own destiny.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 



As well as crystal, cream, emerald green, the shades of Cancer include cheerful orange-yellow.


Cancerians are highly mentally creative, and understand the relationship

between their emotions at any given moment and incoming information.

Cancer has a strong-felt sense of what is right, judgement usually being

based on gut feeling as to which direction is best.

The orange/yellow person is never boring as they can be both knowledgeable and very

entertaining. Their nature is to uplift others and share innovative ideas.




And to the angel Gabriel who guides the congregation of Cancer, write:

'So says He who hold the universe in His hand, He who travels and visits the church congregations.

'I know how hard you work at making all things right between you and Me; you take it seriously, and wait on Me with.  You turn away all others who would woo you.  You carefully screen all calls, make solid inquiries about all who say they are friends of Mine, and if you find them not making the grade you give them the air.

'You have turned away opportunities for fun, for nights out, for days off, for the party life, because you want to be with Me.  You have never tired of Me!

'But I know too that you don't love me as much as you used to;  I can feel it.

'Remember how it was between Us in the beginning when we first go together; go to those same places and do those same things now, like we used to do.  

'Otherwise I will know that you won't be there when I come home.

'The one thing that strikes me to hope is that you refuse to take any part in an elitist movement, a godless government or accept their handouts, which I hate.


'He who has a discerning ear will note what I say to ALL the churches.  


'And the ones who see it through will eat from the Trees of Life in New Eden, the Restored Earth!'




 The angel of the church of Ephesus is Gabriel, a mighty angel of Annunciation.  The city of Ephesus hosts many moon-centered observatories, calendars, temples and main themes relating to the sign Cancer, ruled by the moon.  

     The moon seriously influences our moods and mental state, being the seat of our emotional selves.  We could say the moon is the seat of our soul in our horoscope.

     The moon is the weak point when it comes to our physicality; the place occupied by the moon in our horoscope shows where we are vulnerable to environmental invasions, injuries, and illness. 

     When addressing this angel, who has charge over the city of Ephesus and over all the moon- ruled, Jesus was complimentary on his appetite for hard work, his patience, endurance, and perseverance.  Jesus was especially delighted that Gabriel taught his citizens to persevere and not grow weary!!  He praises the innate Cancer trait of recognizing evil at the soul level, and rejecting it entirely.

     The Lord then rebukes Gabriel for allowing the moon- ruled to forsake their first love.  They have allowed their good works to drop off, lessening their former first priorities.  He insisted that all the moon ruled and their angel repent, and return to their first love and habit of putting Him first in their lives.

    There is a striking line which Jesus uses to the church of Ephesus and it's angel;  He admonishes them to, 'Remember the height from which you have fallen', Revelation 2:5.  No human being had 'fallen from great height' in 100 A.D..  Only those who had crashed to earth from heaven could remember such a drop!!  

     Here is proof from Jesus own lips that He is addressing angels, great mighty spiritual beings, who have direct connection with us humans in a spiritually advisory capacity!

    In one of the great I AM statement of the gospel of John, Jesus goes on to say,  'I am the Way, the Truth and the life;  no one comes to the Father save through Me,'  John 14:6.   This gem of insight and holy promise applies directly to the moon, the moon ruled, and our sacral, gut chakra or spiritual energy center.  Focus and assimilation of this wisdom is healing to all moon related issues.

     In His letter, He further condemns 'the Nicolaitians', whom He hates;  He had mentioned just prior to this the fact that the Ephesians take no one at face value who claim to be Apostles, but research them thoroughly, on Google, on Instacheck, and from their own fine instinctual reactions.  Jesus congratulates the Ephesians and comments that their rejection of the Nicolaitians is the one thing that really gives Him hope that the church will indeed last to the beginning of the Restoration and the New Eden.  

     Who are these false or fallen apostles and his followers?  We have some sketchy information from history; these followers of a former Apostle we believe Jesus is referring to modern day communists by the name Nicolaitians.  We believe this because the moon, which Angel He addresses here, is the third angel involved in the conjunction which presided over the birth of communism.

     But the whole point of this letter from Jesus is that the moon ruled can follow their own guidance from their angel.  

     Otherwise, He has promised to take that church away.

     His final note is the firm belief that there will remain at least one from the church of Ephesus, one Cancer ruled person, who will feast with Him upon the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

     And He should know!





     The sun is in high summer in sidereal Cancer.       



      Mercury the fleet, quicksilver planet dances in Gemini, which it rules comfortably, squaring away our tendency to chatter endlessly into real communication. 

     Venus slows golden in Leo!!  Our hair, our children, our childrens hair, is paramount

     Mars in Cancer is stilled, not being able to go forward and conquer.  The boisterous orb roars into Leo on the 22nd of July and we are ready to proceed on a majestic scale.

     The jovial giant of the solar system, Jupiter, is turned around in sidereal Aquarius.  We will have time to reconsider our big ideas!

     Saturn is also turned about retrograde in Capricorn.  We have nothing standing between us and making mistakes, so we are well advised to think and think again, especially during this retrograde. 




     When God first named the stars and planets, and instructed Adam how to read them as a scroll of salvation across the skies, we all regarded them as letters of light and love!  Later, after the fall engineered by the rebel angels, the celestial orbs were downgraded to the status of gods in their own right.  Nowadays we consider them archetypes of our collective unconscious!  What a demotion!

     As Christs sacrifice restored the relationship between Creator and creation, we see the stars as fellow travelers meant to light our way and guide our attention to the will of God!!  We think it helps to present them as the familiar companions from our daily readings.



     The closest orb to the sun is Mercury, whose angelic nature is that of communicator.  All our ideas and the way we conceive them can be determined from the position of Mercury. 

     This planet has much in common with Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, and with Mark, who did know the Lord personally.  Mark was much younger than the other writers. His mother was a prominent follower of Jesus Christ.  Acts 12:12 tells us that her house in Jerusalem was used as a meeting place for other disciples. From this verse we also learn that her son’s full name is John Mark.


     Mercury in his own sign of Gemini is enormously helpful in discovery, as we have the tendency to find out the truth.  And ain’t we???




     Venus, the brightest star in our skies, the one which can cast its own shadow on moonless nights, is also known as the Morning or Evening Star.  Her trajectory traces one upright star shape every eight years, and one reversed pentagram the next eight years.  She is quite an enigma on so many levels, as was Jesus’ beloved companion, Mary of Magdalene.

     Mary may have been the woman with the alabaster jar, whose hair was long enough to dry the feet she had just anointed with precious ointment.  Venus is called the long-haired star. 

    Like Mary, Venus describes value, values, what we value and how we attract. 

     The planet itself is never very far away from the overwhelming rays of the sun, which is why most of us are never really sure whether we are feeling our own emotions, or those of someone very powerful or close to us.


         Children, ours and mine and ours and theirs, is the paramount subject of Venus in Leo.



     Mars reminds us of Simon Peter!!  All thunder and noise, red haired and red blooded, ready to rock at a moments notice!!  He was much like James and John, sons of Zebedee, the Sons of Thunder, whom we can see in the shape of Uranus.

     Mars describes how we go about getting what we want, but not what we want.  We pursue, chase, aspire to and drive toward with Mars.



       Mars stomping in Leo guarantees things are going to move!!


          Jupiter the king of the planets, the giants giant, the supersizer of the cosmic, is a lot like King Solomon.   The planet governs wealth and wisdom, both inherited, as well as pilgrimages, foreign affairs, and religious views.

        Jupiter bobs in sidereal Aquarius, broadening our horizons and expanding our views, exploding the rich ideas all around us!!

        This is a great time for science, all the sciences, and we would be wise to make that investigation a priority, for our own peace of mind.

       We can expect this year, 2021 to 2022, to see a lot more Wikileaks, Project Veritas, and other breaking news!!



         Matthew was not only a sinner, but quite aware of it, and of his past, all his life. He never let that stop him from following Jesus whole heartedly, or from preaching His Gospel!

        Matthew was an accurate record keeper. He knew the human heart and the longings of the Jewish people. He was loyal to Jesus and once committed, he never wavered in serving the Lord.

        On the other hand, before he met Jesus, Matthew was greedy. He thought money was the most important thing in life and violated Gods laws to enrich himself at the expense of his countrymen.



       Saturn is ruling from his home sign of Capricorn at the Top of the zodiac, keeping status quo static.  We need some form of stability now, not that things are great, but they could be so much worse. 

       Say what you will, Saturn in Capricorn is about integrity.

       The Lord of the Rings will remain at the Top of the zodiac till January 24th of 2023, what????  The next election year!



     The frozen titans of the solar family remain somewhat steadfast through this century.




     Uranus is the real culprit behind the riots, the military in the capitals, is the higher martial vibration of Mars higher self, the Sons of Thunder, James and John sons of Zebedee.  Aries and Mars go together like hand in glove, and now Aries hosts Uranus, the cosmic hand grenade, direct and in touch with himself.  Uranus is the one planet that cannot be used as an indicator or as a prediction of anything but the unexpected...it is His star, by the way, as it was visible to the naked eye in the night sky at His birth in 3 BC.  Called the Awakener, and the Disturber, Uranus threw us a curve!!  How like our adorable savior to do it with panache!!  He inspires Revolution.

     Uranus the great cosmic hand grenade bouncing through Aries has woken the revolutionary in all of us!!  We are made aware of beheadings for a reason.  We must take into account where we are headed!!





     King David, despite his glaring flaws, is described as a man after God’s own heart in 1 Samuel 13 and in Acts 13:22. David was far from perfect, but his faith and zeal made him the standard against which all Israel’s future kings would be measured against. Grandson of Ruth, shepherd boy, slayer of giants, musician, fornicator, murderer, psalmist, king, anointed…sounds a lot like a modern Neptune all right. 

     Neptune in Aquarius brings up the best ideals, like sandcastles or fairy vistas in the clouds.  We can't live in them.

     Neptune has so many close associations with Pisces, our own sign as it passes beyond the Gate of God.  Religious fervor, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, as well as delusion, illusion, addiction to drugs and to intense emotional shocks to the system, all so evident in our daily life now as the Age gasps the final breath.  Neptune is also the planet of communism, a plague of satanic envy and destructiveness, which we now call socialism as communism light.  In Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood and ideals, this all sounds terrifically fair and workable!!  Except when we try to put it to earth and make it work materially, because it brings out the worst in human nature, not the best.  It was spawned in hell by the enemy of our kind, so how can good come from it?  Be serious.  And the Scandinavian countries are not socialist- just ask them.  They are free market economies that are heavily taxed on an emasculated middle class.

      Neptune in its own sign of sidereal Pisces begins in January 2024, the next election year.




     Pluto has shown us, through the pictures sent back from New Horizons, its heart!  Andrew was a preacher with God in his heart.


     An early disciple of John the Baptizer, Andrew, and John, the Son of Zebedee were present when John the Baptist said, "Behold, the Lamb of God!" Andrew was the first to follow Jesus and his enthusiasm was evident as his desire to introduce his older brother to Jesus revealed what was already in his heart—a deep love for God.

     He was not a dominant person next to his outspoken brother. He was a passionate preacher and shared the gospel boldly and was a significant contributor to the early church.

     Andrew died a martyr’s death. He faced crucifixion with boldness and courage. He cried out, "Oh, cross most welcome and longed for! With a willing mind, joyfully and desirously, I come to you, being a scholar of Him which did hang on you, because I have always been your lover and yearn to embrace you."



        Pluto rises to the top of the zodiac, Capricorn at 0 degrees, as is the ruler of the sign, Saturn.  The planet of NO!! extends a clamp down on finances and on the 'president.'  We might as well face it, Star Travelers, our country is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, and these wild spending policies are just the kind of impetus to send it over the edge.  As the economy is still not open in many places after a year in lockdown, Americans are going to be in rebellious and angry mood, and we are not the gentlest populace at the best of times. 

     Pluto spends the time inching through Capricorn, but zeros out again on the 27th of June till backing into Sagittarius, karmically, on the 10th of August.  It remains at the karmic degree of the Law and all legal affairs till zeroing again on the 2nd of December 2021.  Our exact Pluto return occurs on the 27th of March 2023 through June of that year.  


Jesus identified Himself as a member of the Morning Stars, a group of angels so holy they are in a class by themselves.  this star in Revelation 16, saying, 16 "I, Jesus, have sent My angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the bright Morning Star." 



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