The Word from our Sponsor, Jesus, the Christ.



                   "'Or if I bring a sword against that country and say, 'let the sword pass throughout the land,' and I kill its men and animals, as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, 'even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters.  They alone would be saved.'"


                                                                     Ezekiel 14: 13-18





     Told you so.  About the 13th, I told you so.  Oh!!  What we witness!!!


     And it still ain't over yet.  The fat lady is finally taking a deep breath, poised to let loose.


     As of now Donald J. Trump remains president of the USA, and will be until the winner a transfer of power is accomplished on the 20th at noon...which we will consider at length.

     As of right now, our morning star, the sun, rises to the Top of the zodiac, sidereal Capricorn, a much misunderstood and maligned sign, as of 3 32 PM Pacific time on the 14th.  A hardy, full-blooded sign, all about understanding the value and rewards of discipline, of laboring tirelessly for the common good, carrying a heavy load by choice, while maintaining our dignity.  This season is the one which lets us see by cold clear light what is no longer valid in the world and in our lives.  We notice many issues just dying and falling away, collapsing into the vast sea of transformation.  The Sea Goat makes no sense to us in our waking life, as goats don't live in the sea, or ride the waves, while fish don't usually rise up from the bottom to the mountain top.  In fact, Capricorn is only half a goat, the upper half, and that part is dying.  The lower half is vibrant, coming alive, in the form of a Christian fish, actually a dolphin, rises in excited life!! 

     The lesson of Capricorn at the top of the mountain is to climb no higher in this world, but to transform into the next! 

     We have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty, vastness, and unique position of our pale blue home! We, like the sign, can allow what no longer lives within us with spark and vitality to fall peacefully away into the vast oceans of transformative energies around us, and allow the thriving new life to flow upwards!  Our connection to our family circle, our traditions and blood ties are intensely important to us now.  Our ethics and our roots become vital and rise with us, along with the best of our identity, our posterity!! 

     Since Christ in fact was the sacrificial goat, and this sacrifice was found acceptable and put paid, we have much to learn from Capricorn, and nothing to loath!

     Capricorns companion sign, Aquila the Eagle, represents the United States of America in astrology, the most Christian nation on earth.  The sign rules the region from the mid Atlantic Ocean, the eastern region of Brazil, Greenland, and western Iceland, which most of the wise and sensitive know as Atlantis. 

     Called the Go-Getter, Capricorn is patient and practical, ambitious and unexpectedly humorous, shy, sometimes grim.  He knows the hard task lies ahead.  The names of the stars in the sign itself include The Lord as Judge, The Place of Birth, The Kids of the Flock, Sacrifice, Station of Bearing, Place of Birth.


     From now till the 25th of January,  Sagitta the Arrow (of the Centaur) rises before the sun, pointing precisely at the Dark Rift at the center of the galaxy, which we entered in 1998 and culminated on the winter solstice of 2012.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Arrow, The Destroying, and The Enemy.  Those people and relationships born under these stars stable, enduring, tenacious, and ambitious, concrete and thrifty.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 

     Mercury, our orb of communication, also rides the Top of the zodiac, Capricorn, where we surely talk about the government, dads everywhere, tradition, and the establishment.  It is the effect of nearby Pluto that is breaking the barriers of what we used to be, transferring us into what we truly are.

     Venus, whose sweet influence could ease the worst, is galloping away in Sagittarius, wanting nothing to do with any of this!! 

     Mars is in his element in sidereal Aries, where he finds his home as on a battle field.  Mars acts first and thinks about it later.  


    On Thursday the 14th, Uranus, the cosmic hand grenade, will come direct a few minutes after midnight Pacific time, 3 36 AM eastern.  Six hours later, Pluto and the sun will combine at the karmic 29th degree of the sign of the law, religion, and truth, at 6 19 AM Pacific, 9 19 AM eastern time.  I point this out for the obvious reason, as congress sits in judgment of the sitting President.  The giant planets, being slow movers, will be in the same place, but Mercury will have raced ahead to 15 degrees of Capricorn conjuncting the fleet moon.  We will be talking about our feelings about government, tradition, and where we want to go as We the People.  Congress just isn't getting the message.




     On the 20th, at noon, for the swearing in of the President, whichever it is, Mars (energy, surprise, ambition, warrior) will be conjunct Uranus (KA-BOOM!!! the cosmic hand grenade) in sidereal Aries, where Mars rules, at 12 38 PM, just as the swear-in is taking place.  Are we in for a surprise?  Are you kidding?  From when does this surprise spring?  The moon, in national astrology called We the People, is right behind Mars in sidereal Aries.  If you are nit-picky, the moon is at 29 karmic degrees of tropical Aries, where We the People have a bone to pick with the shenanigans going on in tropical Taurus.  

     The sun will be casting Saturn under its powerful beams, where it cannot do its job or be felt, so there goes our stability.  The sun will be in sidereal Capricorn, so there is a saving grace there, close to Jupiter who can spread some good will.  If we insist on tropical calculation, then the sun wavers at 0 degrees of Aquarius, where Saturn is invisible, Jupiter is more mental, and Mercury is far away enough to spur critical thinking.  We will have no excuse in other words.


     What is going to happen?  Surprise, surprise, surprise!!


   If you want my analysis, and I know you don't, we can expect more blood, and I hate it so much I won't put it into words.  I do not support socialism but I don't want to see blood spilled, even though we all know it is not innocent blood.  

     Buckle up, Star Travelers, because this course is going to be a battlefield.




     From the 25th of January till the 4th of February Aquila, the Falling Eagle, forms the backdrop for todays sunrise.  This majestic bird was awarded with starry immortality for accurate discernment coupled with outstanding loyalty. The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Wounded, The Pierced, and The Lord Comes.  Those people and relationships born under these stars constant, reliable, industrious, and persevering.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 


     From February 5th till St. Valentines day, around the 13th, Delphinus the Dolphin leaps up to form the backdrop for todays sunrise.  This wonderfully playful mammal has a magickal skin which turns blue and gold when it dies.  The individual names for the stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Dolphin, The Fish, Longed For, Multitude, and Running Swiftly.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are rational, changeable, somewhat Mercurial, with considerable success in commercial affairs.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens.



      The frozen titans of the solar family remain somewhat steadfast through this century.

     Jupiter glows in Capricorn, expressing the Cornucopia, the never ending abundance of American spirit, idealism, practical application to achieve the impossible.  This is the best sign ever!!!  As soon as we get a grip on ourselves, and our bugaboos, the fruit will fall, the wine will flow, and God will remind us of where it all comes from, the Source of all goodness and all good things.  This is almost eerily targeting the USA for something momentous! I can't help but think that this is an assurance from Above that we have finally broken the Curse of Tecumseh, and we have seen the last of the deaths in office of the President.  

     Saturn is ruling from his home sign of Capricorn at the Top of the zodiac, keeping status quo static.  We need some form of stability now, not that things are great, but they could be so much worse.  The Lord of the Rings will remain at the Top of the zodiac till January 24th of 2023, what????  The next election year!

       Uranus the great cosmic hand grenade bouncing through Aries has woken the revolutionary in all of us!!  We are made aware of beheadings for a reason.  We must take into account where we are headed!!

     Neptune in Aquarius brings up the best ideals, like sandcastles or fairy vistas in the clouds.  We can't live in them.

     Neptune has so many close associations with Pisces, our own sign as it passes beyond the Gate of God.  Religious fervor, self sacrifice, martyrdom, as well as delusion, illusion, addiction to drugs and to intense emotional shocks to the system, all so evident in our daily life now as the Age gasps the final breath.  Neptune is also the planet of communism, a plague of satanic envy and destructiveness, which we now call socialism as communism light.  In Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood and ideals, this all sounds terrifically fair and workable!!  Except when we try to put it to earth and make it work materially, because it brings out the worst in human nature, not the best.  It was spawned in hell by the enemy of our kind, so how can good come from it?  Be serious.  And the Scandinavian countries are not socialist- just ask them.  They are free market economies that are heavily taxed by an emasculated middle class.

      Neptune in its own sign of sidereal Pisces begins in January 2024, the next election year.


     Pluto is direct in sidereal Sagittarius. Blame Pluto for it all!!!  Sag rules all religious matters, and Pluto is a stinker if ever there was one!!  Fateful, fitful, Pluto wreaks havoc on the very tail of Draco, behind the tail end of Sagittarius. No wonder we see so much activity resembling that at the back end of a equine!! Pluto is a transformer, making this a moment of historic and sweeping changes.  Heaven is going into overdrive to get us moving, but hardly in that direction.

     The anti-Christian attitude which has been festering on the back burner for years finally came to an over boil.  If you have an eye, then see who is behind the need for power-over, for control, for the disenfranchisement of the faithful.

     If we want to fully understand the virus and the resistance and the plague and the division and divisiveness, just chart the sidereal course of Pluto since late January of 2020.  What a year it's been, thanks to the cow over the moon planet wavering back and forth over the karmic 29th degree of sidereal Sagittarius, the sign of the law and The Law, all foreign affairs, pilgrimage or travel, and sharp pointy darty things like needles.   Most affected will be all journalistic endeavors which need a breath of fresh air, all foreign matters (immigration, illegal and otherwise, and foreign customs practiced in areas already settled), foreign travel, pilgrimage, higher education, all legal proceedings and the administration of justice as laid out already.  What haven't we witnessed crawling out of the dark there???

     I doubt seriously if the Church Catholic can survive this crushing punishment from Above, as there is the breath of further schism spiraling visibly from the vox populi.    

    Pluto transitioning from sign to sign feels like music from a Bela Lugosi flick.  This eruption causes further disruption in all affairs Sagittarian and Capricornian, being legal, educational, religious, dads, students, government officials, all foreigners, and members of the second and fourth estates.  

     We will continue to feel the effects of the great Transitioner transitioning throughout all of this decade.  The orb of Fate tips backwards till reaching 29 degrees again on Christmas Day 2020.   Pluto will enter Capricorn for good on the 20th of January 2021.  Does this sound somehow familiar, almost spooky, in a way?  That's Inauguration Day.   Pluto remain in Capricorn till the next decade and probably, the rest of the century.

     While traversing the sign of calm, rationality, tradition, family, country, Capricorn, we can expect transformation in those areas.  All of us have already heard the cries in the streets afire of, 'this is ours!  You are colonizers!  You go home!!  BLM!!  BLM  We are Woke!!',  and we wonder where on earth they are talking about... except of course they are not referencing earth at all.

     There is ancient wisdom which suggests that this earth, our home, made for us specifically (Psalm 115:16), was in fact constructed by an eldritch society of non-corporeal beings under the guidance of God, Who created the dark materials and laid out the blue print.  This Society gave way to a slightly lesser form of being which eventually descended on Mount Harmon and mixed with the forbidden flesh of humanity.  It is the spirit and memory of these beings which animates the cry, 'this is Ours!' which ring amidst pelting fire bomb and rock and shattered glass.  We have heard all this before. The result was a shocking catastrophe which can not be repeated in a similar manner, as the Rainbow promises, but which is promised nonetheless to be repeated, for the same cause.

     The same Cause.

    Think, just for a moment, that the sound of the letters BLM spoken aloud is the same word as War, phonetically, in Latin.  Why Latin?  Because this is the preferred language of ancient times, when spirits spoke casually to the embodied.  These spirits were called Watchers then, or Those Awake, or Wide Awake, or The Woke.  

     Yep, I went there.  

     How else can you account of the amount of seething hatred, for no earthly reason, directed against humankind?  Shall we consider the threats of direct harm toward those who hold opposing political views??  Is this really Us?  No, it isn't, and we need to get that right.

     As the orbs danced and whirled backwards and forwards across the heavenly signs over this Black Swan year, we have had access to amazing insights and profound wisdom of which we have not been aware since The Flood.  In particular Pluto, as the orb of transformation, has shown us its Heart via Voyager, we have discovered many truths from the past, at the Heart of the matter.  Heaven has given us a window to access information and make our choices, as always, we exercise our God given free will. We have important decisions to make now, and the filter, the traps, the glamor and glitz is worn thin. We are being bombarded with shapes and impulses from the lower astral at the speed of thought, much faster and more intense than we are made to receive, yet now we do have the capacity to understand. There has never been a better time for critical and independent thinking, for us to understand that these are not yet the Last Days, but that We are in fact The Restrainer, The Spirit That Holds Back.  

     No wonder the heathen rage!!

    Ours is a future that was never in jeopardy.  

    What ride!



    Don't forget we have our national Pluto return to look forward to in February 2023...it will last till January 2025, as the fitful, fateful dark orb grinds back and forth over 5 degrees of Capricorn sidereal, 27 degrees Capricorn seasonal/tropical.  At issue is the 2nd house of earned income, money, real estate, all material values.  Well, isn't that a surprise!  We are facing a hostile Marxist takeover in the USA, and now heaven mandates that is indeed about money, about liberty as an American value, and not about social justice or equity at all!!

     If you have an ear, listen well.  I can't give a clearer warning.



     Just a reminder, the truth was announced without blush or restraint at 12 11 PM EST on CNNs Jake Tapper interview with the former vice president...wow.  As I remember, Kamala grew up in Canada, and was never bussed across town, proving herself quite the accomplished raconteur.  Seems to read in the Constitution though that in order to qualify as a potential president of the USA, both parents must be citizens, at least.  Just sayin'.


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