Weekend of 22 & 23 July 2017
Happy Birthday Cancer!
Our summer sun bakes in comfortable, warm, softly hued Cancer at midrange degrees of the Compassionate Crustacean. The moon whirls in Gemini, giddy and silly,  till Saturday afternoon at  5 24 PM Pacific time.  Then both lights are in pearly Cancer, and we are sensitive to everything!!  If we are used to using medicines, alcohol, herbals, healing treatments, or massages, let's remember our heightened sensitivity now!  The new moon in Cancer is cause for many new people arriving this time in April, too!!
Saturday finds us in such a fresh state of mind, ready to entertain many views without the need to adopt them!  The moon comes new early Sunday morning at 2 46 AM Pacific, 5 46 AM eastern, when we are vulnerable, receptive to impulses, and psychically attuned to our environment.  If we are thinking of increasing our family, this is a time to act, for a new brigade of boisterous boys.  Mars is on high
Mighty Mars, usually so energetic and galvanizing, relaxes in warm, summer Cancer, where the most he can muster is a flick of the duster.  We aren't really in the mood for much housecleaning!!  As Mars is still too close to the Cancer sun to escape being overshadowed, and Cancer is not an energizing sign, our own grit and fire flags, and we too fell overpowered.  We can blame the heat, the season, the need to relax, the desire to play.  Mars will achieve his maximum impact on us on the 26th through the 28th of July, when he is exactly conjunct the solar disk, both in the realm of peace-loving, comforting Cancer.  This would be a perfect window to settle disagreements and soothe over snarls in the best and happiest way.  
Charming Venus, the golden girl of the cosmos, is making a hard aspect to Saturn, the planet of NO!!! and one word Venus doesn't like is NO!!!.  If we find ourselves feeling lonely, cut off, shut out, or tempted toward mean spiritedness in dishing out such toward others, let's lean on the idea of humanity as a family.  Some members are easier to deal with than others, but those others are the ones most in need of compassion.  Cancer is the most compassionate of signs!!
This July weekend finds us in a July frame of mind!  
The sun relaxes in Cancer, where we tend to be the most protective of life in all its forms.  It's not our imagination that others are more open, caring, nurturing, even loving!  The  stars in the sign include Sheltering in A Hiding Place, the Assembled Thousands,  the Kids
and the Lambs Being Safe in The Crech, The Manger, The Mighty Prince (Sirius), A Strong Right Arm, Bright Shining Scarlet, Glorious, and To Lead to Glory.
The natural ambiance of the Cancer sun are silver and pale emerald. 
The cool white stars of the Little Bear, also known as the Lesser Flock, form the background of the rising sun today. This star group houses our current North Star, Polaris.  The individual stars of Ursa Minor are The Center, Focus of the Constellations, The Assembled, and The Traveling Company.  Those people and relationships born under now are humane, kind, and dislike dissension;  marked mediumistic tendencies and sensitivities.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 

That celestial pearl of light which focuses our Hearts and Minds is of a dual nature, and, so close to us, highlights our weaknesses as well as our commitment to blessing.   The moon darkens in Gemini, ready to come new.  With the moon in Gemini  we are loquacious, socially interactive, curious, and mentally adroit.  This is the moon when we need each other the most, and become capable of doing our most good for others- or the most harm.  Not the time to take the low road and be the bad twin!!  Special care must be taken of the shoulders and lungs, as these are at their most vulnerable at this transit.  Recall, 'touch not with iron those parts of the body resided by the moon.'  You won't die if you get bronchitis now, but you won't heal as rapidly and recover as fully, either.

Mercury, the orb of communication, stays Home in Cancer and we spend time and mental energy on our immediate surroundings, including our neighborhood.  The phantom moon Vulcan will tend to disrupt what is below the surface at home.
As Venus the charmer of the heavens reigns from her summer Home in Taurus, we are riding high when it comes to every good thing!!  Money can fall into our pockets, friends will drop by, even romance can knock on our door!  A great time for adventure!!  As Venus is making a harsh opposition to Saturn, we may find we have more outgo that cash flow, so let's not get greedy, Star Travelers! Now is the time when we can dispense more love and cheer than pocket change.  Venus will zip into Gemini, which can be a very confusing time for us emotionally, on the 26th of July, and we must really watch our spending and our innocent trust in frienemies then.  She will oppose Saturn directly on the 15th of August in Gemini, and by the next day we can judge how well we handled the situation.
Mighty Mars, usually so energetic and galvanizing, drops into warm, summer Cancer, where the most he can muster is a flick of the duster.  We aren't really in the mood for much housecleaning!!  As Mars is still too close to the Gemini sun to escape being overshadowed, and Cancer is not an energizing sign, our own grit and fire flags, and we too fell overpowered.  We can blame the heat, the season, the need to relax, the desire to play.  Mars will achieve his maximum impact on us on the 26th through the 28th of July, when he is exactly conjunct the solar disk, both in the realm of peace-loving, comforting Cancer.  This would be a perfect window to settle disagreements and soothe over snarls in the best and happiest way.  

Jupiter cruises through Virgo, where he expands our scope and our understanding of health regimen, health care options, how we deal with other people who work with us and who work for us, how we deal with the defenseless, weak and helpless, like animals, and house cleaning.  Oh, that house keeping!!  It waits for us in a big way!  The Santa Claus of the solar system likes to scatter, shower, toss things into a bunch and a pile, thinking of the big picture, while Virgo is all about nicety neat and tidy.  We can really overdo our neat little stacks and piles now!!  

As Jupiter approaches a square to Pluto, he is activated by inner desires and hidden motives, usually to expand and expend in a secret or quiet manner.  He may incite us to acquire or to dispense, which is fine, as long as we use our own resources!  From now till August 1st of this year, we have no problem at all attaining or achieving anything we put our minds to, and that includes the subconscious mind.  Culmination of square falls at 22 degrees, the Master number, so what we accomplish during this period is a potential crowning glory!!  Pay close attention, Star Travelers!


Saturn, the karmic planet, in the karmic sign of Scorpio, has moved off of the critical degree and is bringing us relief at last!  We have a more relaxed feeling now when we peruse our past sins and offenses, not that they have become less real or intense, but because we know we can correct and expiate our wounding others.  The Wise will still keep a sharp eye on fragments of memories, what we may have forgotten, neglected, refused, returned unopened, refuted, rejected. All these unwanted and discarded orphans of our life need attention, repair, or recycling, with which we can proceed at our earliest.  

Saturn is opposite Venus now, trying his best to stop her overspending, and her tendency to lavish gifts on the ungrateful.  We are wise indeed when we can look through his eyes at our own foibles!  Venus will enter Gemini and things really get whirligig on the 26th of July!  If we haven't learned to say NO!!! then we may be in for a snarl and a scrap between then and the 15th of August, when her opposition is direct and intense.  The next day, we can breath a sigh of relief!!

Saturn turns direct on the 28th of August, and reaches the karmic note again on October 25th.  What we don't make up for this summer, we find waiting for us in late fall.  On the 5th of November Saturn will teeter at 0 degrees Sagittarius,  till the 15th, giving us plenty of time to discover the Truth and the truth, which will out, no matter what is shading it.  

Stalwart Saturn, at his best, can steady all the wild sky horses with sober calm, turning their tricks into reigns to guide our own inner drives with a more mature hand.  Now is the time to pay attention to the eldest, wisest, and most noble of our friends and family with real regard for what they think, not just about us but about how things are shaping up in general. 

Saturn will turn direct in late summer, on the 28th of August, at 5 08 AM Pacific time.


Uranus, the cosmic hand grenade, is exploding through Aries the Spring Lamb in soccer style.  Sports, military maneuvers, policing issues and leadership opportunities seem to materialize out of the air, and demand immediate action.  Let's be ready to think on our feet, Star Travelers!   This can be a fun time full of exploration, innovation, experimentation.
Neptune retrograde in Aquarius, the sign of ideas, brotherhood, idealism, and innovation, brings us most of our ideas from the future itself.  We know this intuitively as we know what is about to happen, and bingo! it comes to pass!  This will continue as a trend till late November.  Make wise use of this, a precious gift, Star Travelers!

Pluto, the fateful, fitful energy orb which can open our eyes to what is really there in front of us, is turned about retrograde now, in the sign of true blue Sagittarius till the 28th of September 2017.  Our core beliefs about religion, the law, The Law, education, and foreign affairs will be challenged, turned upside down and inside out, and we are wise to move through slowly to examine our own innards to see what is really going on there.  Sagittarius is the great Truth Seeker.  Let's not disappoint Him! With courage, dignity, and grace, we can refine and now redefine who and what we are, in our inner reality.

With both Malefics, Pluto and Saturn, retrograde, along with nebulous Neptune, we can push full speed ahead, going boldly where no one has gone before, whether it be wise or no.  

The planette which keeps watch on the home fires, Vesta, roars in Leo, inspiring children to play, and us to have more of them.  Careful!!  Vesta loves kids, grandkids, and greatkids!!

Our spousal planette Juno journeys through Sagittarius, backspinning now, making this a great time to explore our options for the single life.  Juno is almost never happy when alone, or when committed.  Today she may break more than one friendship with a member of the other gender, and we can head her off by staying cool!

Splashing in Pisces is the planette Chiron, our Wounded Healer, retrograde now to go back and fix what needs work on our inner emotional issues with real success when using color, theater, drama, or past life therapy. 

Pallas, the planettary BFF and sister in arms, jumps in Aries, exciting our social life no end!  We can expect to meet an army of new BFFs over the next week!

The planette Ceres, the cook of the solar system, is in Taurus too, where she promotes healthful cuisine and methods.  We pay attention to our dietary needs now! 



This marks the 8th complete lunation for this year.

Todays Stock Market Surprise!

     I did warn you that things are definitely looking up!!  I must remark upon the Black Swan event known as the Trump Bump, and take my hat off to a miracle!

     Saturn, the planet of NO!!! teeters on the cusp of the markets sixth house of everyday every day, backwards; our daily routine and the things that give our time structure, schedules; of employees, fellow employees, those who work or serve us in some way; health, hygiene, and the way we worry about things, and best of all, small animals and pets.  If we have any investment in these areas, let's take a long long long hard look at our rationale, and maybe consider a further diversification.  Saturn will bounce around till the first of next year on this sensitive cusp, so we have time, the great gift of Saturn, to think, plan, proceed carefully.  Saturn in Scorpio is a tough one to understand, and we must be very sure of our own motives.

    Another of the major factors of which we must be carefully cognizant is Pluto in Sagittarius, retrograde in the sixth house of everyday every day, of employees, of open enemies.  Pluto brings out our zits and boils them to a head, which is necessary for cleanliness and health, and which really hurts and looks disgusting.  Sagittarius is the law and The Law, all thing foreign and foreign to us, and religion, and journeys.  I think you can see what the real root of the matter is here!  The election of Donald Trump as well as the Brexit was ordained in the world, as well as other Black Swan events, the lancing of long stagnant boils.

     Uranus, the wildcard of the zodiac, who goes KA-BOOM! when we least expect it, is sitting at the very top of the markets chart, the House of Glory.  In Aries, the electric blue orb will kick start our ambitions and our extremes.  Well it sure has!

     Moving slowly in its folds of dream, Neptune in the eighth house of Aquarius is responsible for all the dire prognostications of the market crashing, burning, dying on the ice and never coming back.  

   Transiting Jupiter is roundabouting the end of his journey through Virgo in the fourth house of endings, where we sense our way forward in retrospect.

    Mercury is in Gemini in the twelfth house of the secret, the hidden, the surprise!!!

    Mars is in Cancer, in the markests first house, where we shine.  Let's wait till the 26th through the 28th and then strike it pink!

    Venus is in her summer Home of Taurus, where she spreads wealth, pocket change, even romance with a lavish hand!!!! 

    The sun in cancer, in the markets first house where we can shine!!

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