Thursday 23  February 2017
In this mornings sunrise we can see the stars of The Winged Horse, Pegasus, outlining the second background story of Aquarius, sign of brotherhood, individuality, harmony, tolerance, and personal freedom.  Beloved Pegasus kicked open a spring of clear clean water, said to be the source of all poetic inspiration.  The individual names for the stars of Pegasus are He Who Goes and Returns;  Who Carries;  and A Flock of Lambs with Kids.  The names of the stars of the constellation Aquarius the Water Bearer include The Record of the Pouring Out; Who Goes and Returns, the Urn, and What Issues From The Flowing Stream. Those people and relationships born under these stars are connected with commercial and literary affairs, guiding stars in every sense, and have excellent powers of concentration.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 

Scholars and historians alike have long wondered about the identity of the man who carried the water jug in Jerusalem, found in Luke 22 and Mark 14.  This man Jesus mentioned specifically to His disciples as the one to be followed to the house he would enter.  The man led them to a house with an upper room, where they gathered and prepared the Passover feast and the Last supper.  It was in this same upper room where they gathered to receive the outpouring of the Comforter in the form of tongues of fire.  

The Water Bearer appears again in the Garden of Gethsemane, wearing a linen shroud, following after the man about to be arrested and crucified.  He is a fascinating and underreported figure here, as no one can put him in any context that's explicable outside that of being an outsider.
The gender and identity of the Water Bearer is multi-layered, as we see from the current rage for questioning these and the concepts behind them.  
Large and small, birds, play an important part of our early spring observances as in our national life.  Though not exactly heralds of romance, eagles are known to mate for life, as are swans and cardinals.  Birds are symbols of activity in the Aquarian heavens, and that portion of our lives which may fall within that domain.  Pay attention, Star Travelers!
Our sun is at 9 degrees of sidereal Aquarius, closing in on dreamy, nebulous Neptune, which can blur our boundaries to the point of non existence.  If we have trouble with thinking clearly, or with differentiating our own feelings from those of the people closest to us, let's focus on our dreams, even our daydreams, to add color, vibrancy, light to the core of our individual souls!
That celestial pearl of light which focuses our Hearts and Minds is of a dual nature, and, so close to us, highlights our weaknesses as well as our commitment to blessing.   Currently the moon tops out in Capricorn, at the Top of the zodiac.  While the moon transits this transformative sign, we are at our most ambitious, toughest, and most likely to succeed.  We must be cautious not to overstep our strength!  Family comes first, with work and occupation a close second. Special care must be taken of the bones of the skeleton and the teeth, as these are at their most
vulnerable now.  Recall, 'touch not with iron those parts of the body resided by the moon.'  You won't die if you get a root canal now, but you won't heal as rapidly and recover as fully, either.
We may still be a bit wary, after all the activity and energy spent yesterday, and what may have befallen the unwary! Yet today promises to be spectacular!! A quick morning when family and work show us a unique balance!
At 1 45 PM Pacific, 4 45 PM eastern time, a precise, timely, unequivocal word of Wisdom lands right on our doorstep!!!  Be ready at as it will be a beauty we can take to the bank!
Friday is another great day for friends, family, a bit of romance to boot.  We will be quite energized, as the shortest month of the year comes to a close and spring gets ready to springgg!!!
The moon shrinks toward renewing itself on Sunday the 26th in the sign of brotherhood, invention, fresh endeavors toward altruism, personal freedom and group identity.  If we have a need to plant or cultivate such traits, we can set aside some personal time immediately after 6 58 AM Pacific, 9 58 AM eastern time, for prayer and active meditation.
Let's keep in mind that the Santa Claus of the solar system is now on a long vacation, till June 9th of this year, 2017, in the sign of sidereal Virgo.  We get the opportunity now to go back and examine the details, the fine print, the extra costs of everything we have been doing as far as health care, our employment necessities budget, our gifts to others, especially those we work with or who may serve us in some way.  This is neither the time for ingratitude, nor being nip cheesy; this vacation is all about balancing our reality!!

The light of Aquarius is described as violet and electric blue!


The spiritual light of Aquarius is subtle violet, that same shade found at the top of the skull, as a crown of glowing violet soul light.  Violet energy rays, like Aquarius, act as a uniter, harnessing people and events for altruistic and universally beneficial purpose.    

Under the violet light of Aquarius, we are able to accept our connection, and to realize the hard and unbending truth that what we do to one another, we do to ourselves.  In rending another person we expose what we are within.  

By intentionally spiritualizing our own minds and daily lives, we can begin to use the creative and inventive violet energy rays to promote healing and continuity. We can consciously bring to the fore undiscovered truths. We can unite people to further humanitarian and environmental causes. We can demonstrate the oneness of the whole and wholeness in the one.

Violet is a serene, calm and vibrant color long known to be spiritually activating and awakening.  It was anciently used to aid insomnia, headaches and eczema.  
The flowers which bloom now have strong anti-bacterial properties, ideal for skin rashes or burns. 

Add Lavender and jasmine oils for a seasonally Aquarian scent.

Foods include valerian and vervain for extra rest; eggplant, plums, kale, broccoli and purple grapes. 

Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystals vibrate higher frequencies, opening us to the eternal, the heavenlies, our own higher selves and the Life source of the universe.

Todays Stock Market Surprise!

     I did warn you that things are definitely looking up!!  I must remark upon the Black Swan event known as the Trump Bump, and take my hat off to a miracle!

     Saturn, the planet of NO!!! teeters on the cusp of the markets sixth house of everyday every day, our daily routine and the things that give our time structure, schedules; of employees, fellow employees, those who work or serve us in some way; health, hygiene, and the way we worry about things, and best of all, small animals and pets.  If we have any investment in these areas, let's take a long long long hard look at our rationale, and maybe consider a further diversification.  Saturn will bounce around till the first of next year on this sensitive cusp, so we have time, the great gift of Saturn, to think, plan, proceed carefully.  This will prove a little difficult since Sagittarius is an impossibly optimistic sign, and we will keep a careful watch to make sure we don't over shoot our mark!

    Another of the major factors of which we must be carefully cognizant is Pluto in Sagittarius, in the sixth house of everyday every day, of employees, of open enemies.  Pluto brings out our zits and boils them to a head, which is necessary for cleanliness and health, and which really hurts and looks disgusting.  Sagittarius is the law and The Law, all thing foreign and foreign to us, and religion, and journeys.  I think you can see what the real root of the matter is here!  Brexit was ordained in the world, another Black Swan event, the lancing of a long stagnant boil.

     Uranus, the wildcard of the zodiac, who goes KA-BOOM! when we least expect it, is sitting at the very top of the markets chart, the House of Glory.  In Pisces, the electric blue orb will stir our emotions, our artistry, our extremes.  Well it sure has!

     Moving slowly in its folds of dream, Neptune in the eighth house of Aquarius is responsible for all the dire prognostications of the market crashing, burning, dying on the ice and never coming back.  

   Transiting Jupiter is roundabouting the end of his journey through Virgo in the fourth house of endings, where we sense our way forward in retrospect.

    Mercury is in Aquarius, in the eighth house of taxes and insurance.

    Mars is in Pisces, in the Markets tenth house of governance, and dads everywhere.

    Venus is in emotional, colorful, splashy Pisces in the tenth house of tailored attire and the office, and not much fun.

    The sun in Aquarius, in the markets eighth house of taxes, insurance, and gifting.

Tomorrows news today is brought to you by!
I am an astrologist who watches the market and wants to share my observations, that's all!  No advice on specific stocks is ever offered.  What you do with your money is your decision and your responsibility!

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