Today is Saturday 23 October 2021!!

    I have decided to present both sidereal or stellar chart, and the seasonal or tropical view.  

    I think the sidereal observations are more accurate.

    Several of my colleagues point out the Scripture in Genesis 1:14, where God said, "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years."  

    That was quite a while ago, and the skies have changed since then, which means we are wise to study the skies and use sidereal astrology...but we can't gainsay the Lord God, and to keep His Fundies content I will present the seasonal version too.  (Sigh)  Fundies!!




    See the seasonal and stellar pages for a full report.



In Sidereal or Stellar Calculation

The sun balances from sidereal Libra so now things we have been picking apart at will come apart, be ripped apart, move along, get right!! 

Mars enters sidereal Libra on Saturday!!!  Won't that jolt ol' Brandon?



Mercury will enter sidereal Libra on Wednesday the 3rd of November.  If there is to be compromise, or progress, it will happen then; but we will have to see.





The moon grazes into stellar Taurus as the sun balanced in sidereal Libra.  Both Taurus and Libra are connected closely with Venus, currently in stellar Scorpio.  Our wisest course is to do some inventive cooking and cleaning. 

The moon will dance into stellar Gemini at 3 54 AM Pacific time on Monday morning, the 25th.  Thank God for Mondays!!







Those of us who are world watchers, astronomers, deeply philosophical or intensely religious will feel the changes of the stars.


Check out the October stellar page!!

In Seasonal or Tropical Calculation

The sun gleams through the autumn heavens in seasonal Scorpio.  

The moon went dancing in seasonal Gemini as of this morning at 12 57 AM Saturday morning, the 23rd.  Expect a lot of socializing, and crossing boundaries.  Be careful!!  Scorpio eggs us on to take risks, and Gemini never turns down a bet or a bad idea!!

The moon will come to its senses in seasonal Cancer at 2 PM Pacific time Monday the 25th.  Thank God for Mondays!


Those of us who are deeply connected to the earth, who love the smell of rain on the leaves and rejoice in the sunlight, will feel the changes of the seasons personally.  These are the people who can wisely rely on seasonal astrology!!

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