Wednesday 29 March 2017

We get the name Wednesday from Wotan, the Viking version of Mercury.  The name for March comes from Mars, that force of nature representing spring, new life, the Spring Lamb!  Why do we name our days and months after old outdated ideas that no one recalls?  To honor their rich contribution to our varied and timeless culture!
Our sun glimmers in the shimmering scales of sidereal Pisces, the Enchanted Fishes, at 14 degrees.  Across the background lie the stars of the beautiful princess Andromeda, The Enchained.  This daughter of Men became a victim of others boastfulness and vanity, and was due to be sacrificed on the alter of vengeance!  Luckily, a seamonster died instead! The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Set Free From Death;  Delivered From the Grave;  and The Assembled.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are domestic, idealistic, and home loving with a real dislike of dissension and combativeness.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 
The names of the stars in the sign Pisces itself include Quickly Returning, The Redeemer, The Shepherd,  Uniting, Upholding, The Multitude, The Company of Him Who Cometh, Posterity, and Multiplying.  This is the sign you find most often representing any show business, managerial, or royal industry.  Put them together for real insight!!
The intriguing constellation consists of two fish, one upright facing northward and the other, parallel ling the path of the sun, sports a crown or circlet of stars above its head.  They are joined together by one shimmering band, linking them loosely. We immediately think of those two species ever at odds, Spirit and Soul, joined together by the silver cord of the body during life.  How often does our spirit long to leap free into the sparkling air while our soul soars down into the purple deep, with only our body holding us in place?  This fish tale is our story, the fish and the fishers of men!  We can fight our way upstream or go with the flow, it's all in our own power to choose.  

This band which nets the Fishes together hosts the brightest stars of the whole constellation as a knot.  It loops around the fish tails, (or tales!!) around the neck of the great Whale Cetus and under the outstretched arm of the Lamb.  

The Pisces sun enlivens within us real empathy, sustaining compassion, and emotional alchemy.  While in Pisces, the sun is at it's most imaginative height, the peak of the creative process, filled with generosity, thoughtful, and kind!  Dreamy, romantic, loving music and song, we feel no enmity, loving all unselfishly and unstintingly, offering sympathy when we have nothing else.  

This is an especially intense time for us on earth, as the golden orb of beauty, value, and appreciation splashes through Pisces in a fantastic backspin. This Venus retrograde will run the entire length of the bands and the first fish in Pisces, turning about on tax day, April 15th, the day between Good Friday and Easter.  What a signal!! We can most wisely use this window to see fine tune our own set of values!  Venus will reconnect with the sun in early January of 2018, so make the most of it now!!

In Pisces, Venus is at her exaltation, where she can widely express beauty in art, color, music, rhythm, subtle energy flows.  It is hard to miss the connection between Mary of Magdalene, Venus, and Pisces, especially right now.  Mary is surely the woman with the alabaster jar who anointed Jesus the Christ for His death at the close of the Last Supper.  She later is the One who found the tomb empty, becoming the Apostle of the Apostles.  We would be prudent to spend time in watching how we value our own emotions and spiritual connections, what binds us to our fellows, as well as what is keeping us bound to earth.  The way we spend our money, which is of value as long as we live, and what seems most worthy of our attention, need some inspection. Changes in taste or fields of endeavor are likely transitory, and are best viewed as experiments or detours.  We would wisely avoid new colors, purchases in art or jewelry or clothing, or beginning therapies of all kinds.  The review through the enchanted sign of emotional ups and downs, of art and theater and intensities, by the Golden Girl will be revealing to our eyes! 

That celestial pearl of light which focuses our Hearts and Minds is of a dual nature, and, so close to us, highlights our weaknesses as well as our commitment to blessing.  The moon peeps into Aries just after midnight this morning!  With the moon in Aries we at our most daring and reckless, hedonistic and rebellious.  We are also at our most anxious about what others think about our style.  Not the time to immerse combine purple and green with orange in the ensemble!  Special care must be taken of the head and face, as these are at their most vulnerable at this transit.  Recall, 'touch not with iron those parts of the body resided by the moon.'  You won't die if you get a face lift now, but you won't heal as rapidly and recover as fully, either.

What a charming morning, especially for the end of March, roaring out!  This morning before 4 33 AM Pacific, 7 33 AM eastern, we have a good word, a positive urge, an incoming miracle landing on us, loud and in living color.  Our attitude increases in tempo through 5 07 AM Pacific, 7 07 AM eastern time.  What a great way to see the month out!

Just before lunch time on the west coast, 11 16 AM Pacific, 2 16 PM eastern time, we happen on many positive avenues to pursue our aims.  We are apt to hear positive press releases about ourselves, compliments and encouragement, which we will put in the right context.  It is incumbent upon us to pass the good word along, to uplift and encourage others as we have been given so much light!

Thursday is a positive action day, best spent tackling the hard edged corners and power knots!

Let's keep in mind that the Santa Claus of the solar system is also on a long vacation, till June 9th of this year, 2017, in the sign of sidereal Virgo.  We get the opportunity now to go back and examine the details, the fine print, the extra costs of everything we have been doing as far as health care, our employment necessities budget, our gifts to others, especially those we work with or who may serve us in some way.  This is neither the time for ingratitude, nor being nip cheesy; this vacation is all about balancing our reality!!

With both the most Benefic of orbs retrograde, we can find our greatest strength and stamina in our own natal sun, or in the power of Pisces!
This is the 4th week of Lent.  Good Friday is in 3 weeks, on the 14th of April, with Venus going direct the next day, Saturday the 15th, and of course the Easter celebrations on the 16th.  Happy Spring and Happy Birthday Aries!!
Some of the Wisest on earth consider us to be in the Age of Aquarius, while others point to the helical rising of the actual sign at the vernal equinox of 2597 A.D..  Since we feel the effects of every cusp event beginning at the 10 degree approach, and need not wait for culmination, we are right either way!  
Many of us choose to make a minor adjustment in our behavior or diet, Fridays especially, as we are in the season of Lent, in solidarity with the spiritual experience of Jesus the Christ, and all of Nature as it waits to bud. Not a necessity by any means, nor a means of securing favor, but a surefire way of connecting more closely with what we love the most! Remember, Star Travelers, from star dust we came and to that cosmic rainbow we will return!! 

The light of Pisces is described as softest lilac, a light purple!  Often it is mixed with fiercly pink magenta!




The Piscean light is purely spiritual in nature, frequently affecting heavenly connections and subtle awakenings.  Lilac energy rays prompt us to aid and help others without return or reward.  We rush to rescue!  We are always guided from above.


The magenta shade is the color of altrusim and selfless service to humanity.  


Raspberrys are that color, as are some sunsets at this time of year, so intense as to stop traffic in awe.   

Todays Stock Market Surprise!

     I did warn you that things are definitely looking up!!  I must remark upon the Black Swan event known as the Trump Bump, and take my hat off to a miracle!

     Saturn, the planet of NO!!! teeters on the cusp of the markets sixth house of everyday every day, our daily routine and the things that give our time structure, schedules; of employees, fellow employees, those who work or serve us in some way; health, hygiene, and the way we worry about things, and best of all, small animals and pets.  If we have any investment in these areas, let's take a long long long hard look at our rationale, and maybe consider a further diversification.  Saturn will bounce around till the first of next year on this sensitive cusp, so we have time, the great gift of Saturn, to think, plan, proceed carefully.  This will prove a little difficult since Sagittarius is an impossibly optimistic sign, and we will keep a careful watch to make sure we don't over shoot our mark!

    Another of the major factors of which we must be carefully cognizant is Pluto in Sagittarius, in the sixth house of everyday every day, of employees, of open enemies.  Pluto brings out our zits and boils them to a head, which is necessary for cleanliness and health, and which really hurts and looks disgusting.  Sagittarius is the law and The Law, all thing foreign and foreign to us, and religion, and journeys.  I think you can see what the real root of the matter is here!  Brexit was ordained in the world, another Black Swan event, the lancing of a long stagnant boil.

     Uranus, the wildcard of the zodiac, who goes KA-BOOM! when we least expect it, is sitting at the very top of the markets chart, the House of Glory.  In Pisces, the electric blue orb will stir our emotions, our artistry, our extremes.  Well it sure has!

     Moving slowly in its folds of dream, Neptune in the eighth house of Aquarius is responsible for all the dire prognostications of the market crashing, burning, dying on the ice and never coming back.  

   Transiting Jupiter is roundabouting the end of his journey through Virgo in the fourth house of endings, where we sense our way forward in retrospect.

    Mercury is in Aries, in the tenth house of profession and government, so we know what what motivation sounds like!!!

    Mars is in Aries, in the Markets tenth house of governance, and dads everywhere.  Wha-hoo!!!

    Venus is in emotional, colorful, splashy Pisces, retrograde, in the tenth house of tailored attire and the office, and not much fun.  We would wisely sit this one out!

    The sun in Pisces, in the markets ninth house of travel, foreign markets, and the laws.

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I am an astrologist who watches the market and wants to share my observations, that's all!  No advice on specific stocks is ever offered.  What you do with your money is your decision and your responsibility!

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