Today is Tuesday 21 September 2021 and Jesus is King!!



The reckoning of both seasonal and sidereal sun has reached Virgo, which is about service, includes LEOs and the military.  If you caught the announcement from the FBI agent in the Gabby Petito case, you will see it elucidated perfectly.


The moon will fill out today, Monday the 20th, in Pisces both sidereally and seasonally.  The sun will be in synch in seasonal and sidereal Virgo for these couple of days, till the 22nd when we calculate the fall equinox at 12 21 PM Pacific time.  If we were ever going to find unity, it would be during one of these windows.

Figure those odds!!!


The moon splashes in Pisces after having achieved fullness.  We will be up and down, thisaway and thataway, about everything.  

The moon will crow into sidereal Aries at 7 56 PM Seattle time on the evening of Wednesday the 22nd, the day of the autumnal equinox.

Remember Mercury will reverse course on the 26th, at 10 10 PM Pacific time, also in sidereal Virgo, which is all about nit picking, fine tuning, going over and over again in counting...

Those of us who are world watchers, astronomers, deeply philosophical or intensely religious will feel the changes of the stars.




The moon crows in seasonal Aries, all about finishing things up while starting something about it!!  Aries is such fun!  Not to be taken overly seriously!

The moon will graze into seasonal Taurus at 5 38 AM Pacific time Thursday, with a newly Libra sun, making both lights Venus ruled. Should be a calmer day and a brighter weekend.  No, I do not take prozac or greens!!

Mercury will retrograde on the 26th, and backtrack through seasonal Libra for the month, to put even more energy into talking, talking endlessly about nothing at all.

Did you already catch Nanshey acknowledging the genocide of the Chinese minorities, but saying that climate change is more important, the overriding issue????  This woman claims to be a Catholic?  Yes, ok, the church Catholic is off the rails, split into fragments rather than schisms.  But genocide less important than climate?  Does she realize that the climate has always been in a state of flux?  Remember the dinosaurs who ruled earth for 60 million years needed a very warm and moist climate, which no longer obtains, and here we are.  

Vodka and Neptune I guess...I never looked at Nansheys chart, maybe I should!!!!


Those of us who are deeply connected to the earth, who love the smell of rain on the leaves and rejoice in the sunlight, will feel the changes of the seasons personally.  These are the people who can wisely rely on seasonal astrology!!



It is a 6th house Virgo concern to wonder, talk and think of a virus and a vax.  It's getting so old!!!! 

I wonder too why there is this talk about white supremacy, black lives mattering, systemic racism in a country with a black president, when there is nothing in the skies supporting that.  Makes me think it's all a Neptune dream.  The orb of illusion is in sidereal Aquarius, ideas and dreams, while it occupies its own self-styled home sign of Pisces seasonally.  Either way, I don't trust it.


But won't it be fascinating to watch what happens next????




The reason that I still favor sidereal, or stellar, observational astrology is because Pluto has backed into sidereal Sagittarius, just as the tal hit the ban.  Sag governs all foreign affairs, and our national natal chart has Pluto just 6 degrees away in steady Capricorn.   The one that hits even bigger is the uproar over school choice and CRT.  Who knew this anti-Christian, anti-American garbage was being taught in schools?  And that the teachers union was behind it???  These are Sag issues.  Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, crosses our national moon in sidereal Aquarius, as the moon indicates We the People are broad minded and progressive, right now backtracking into the 7th century.  We won't be staying there very long!!

I think we may be in terrible financial trouble, or at least the government may be, the national 10th house being sidereal Virgo makes me think we can weather this storm.  Right now Venus is in the national 10th, spending money we really don't have, which I attribute to a woman called Pelosi, drunk on power.  Venus moves into the 11th house of the national chart on the 18th and it looks like we may see Pelosi turn on Biden, even Harris...she would be President Nancy then.  It couldn't get much worse than it is now.

On the other hand, the government turmoil, the raging population, the virus whether real or imagined, is a global phenomena, not just an American one.  This may have nothing to do with Pluto, but with the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn/Aquarius of the winter solstice 2020.  The important detail, and it's a big one, is that the giants were actually at 0 degrees of seasonal Aquarius together, meaning they were still in seasonal Capricorn for all that it matters.  This talks about governmental shake ups, all govenments worldwide!!  It also brings a lot of cleansing, clearing, blessing, perhaps hard blessings, for dads, for the professions, for custodial or dominant parents, employers, all honored and the famous.

Let's keep in mind the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in stellar Capricorn, seasonally 0 degrees Aquarius, on the winter solstice December 20th through the 26th of 2020.  Pluto was just behind them, pushing them into government and ideas.  Jupiter magnifies Saturnís tight control and Plutoís darkness.  We will be dealing with this quite immediately for some time, and we must prepare for the recession that Jupiter in such a position heralds.


At midterms, November 8, 2022, the clutcher will make an important speech whose contents we can hear with some lesser doubt than usual.  It looks like he may be stepping down then.  Yet, looking at the cacklers chart, it won't be to her!  


The most liberating thing about astrology is that it gives us hope rather than defines our fate.  In Astrology the planets, stars, and celestials revert to their original place, fellow servants of God, our brethren.  They want to best for us and give us choices and guidelines to make the most of our lives.  There is choice in how we react, how we handle the energies, just like there is so much choice in how we react and respond to all other people in this creation.  All of us could optimize the outcome of the current global battle against evil by using our power as ambassadors of the King wisely.  

    The new moon of September falls on Labor Day, the 6th of September, in sidereal Leo, seasonal Virgo.  This is the time to plant a new day for our souls as well as our nation!!

    The full moon of September is Pisces for both seasonal and sidereal; the heavens agree!!  That Wednesday sees the autumnal equinox, when the sun will enter seasonal Libra at 12 21 PM Pacific time.

    Mercury will retrograde on Sunday September 26th at 10 10 PM Pacific time.  Be ready for it, we have a month to prepare!



    See the seasonal and stellar pages for a full report.



September 2021

    I have decided to present both sidereal or stellar chart, and the seasonal or tropical view.  

    I think the sidereal observations are more accurate.

    Several of my colleagues point out the Scripture in Genesis 1:14, where God said, "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years."  

    That was quite a while ago, and the skies have changed since then, which means we are wise to study the skies and use sidereal astrology...but we can't gainsay the Lord God, and to keep His Fundies content I will present the seasonal version too.  (Sigh)  Fundies!!


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