Friday 20 January 2017
That icy winter sun sparkles from the Top of the zodiac, Capricorn, the sign of real alchemy!!  What a gift in the window of time, when we are able to gaze upon the inky black sky and really appreciate the beauty, vastness, and unique place of our pale blue home!
While the sun transits the star sign of Capricorn, we note in particular that the goat half of the sign is falling in death, while the fish half of him rises in excited life!!  Our traditions, our family, our ethics and our roots become vital and rise with us, along with the best of our identity, our posterity!!   What is no longer real just falls away into the vast sea of transformation!
A charming, elegant Libra moon has us in the most sociable frame of mind now,  especially with family!
What a morning!!  At 3 14 AM Pacific, 6 14 AM eastern time, a word, a thought, an inception bursts upon us in pure form.  We have such opportunity to make the world what we will today!!  By 5 57 AM Pacific, 8 57 AM eastern, we will have opened our hearts to something we have previously not seen, or suspected was real!!  
A brand new era begins for the USA at noon on the east coast, 9 AM Pacific time, under the most blessed and auspicious conditions.  It promises to be a day of great compassion and understanding, a real game changer!  This president brings unsuspected strengths and the unexpected ability to deal with surprises!  
A short time later, 10 50 AM Pacific, 1 50 PM eastern time, we feel, sense, intuit a bolstering of our own healing ability, our own spiritual gifts taking firm root in this old world.  
The weekend is full of fun, and family connecting!! 
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