May 2021

The word from our sponsor, Jesus, the Christ


               And, behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be.






     The sun sweeps through glorious Taurus, and all is well on earth!!

     On Saturday the 22nd Mercury will enter the storm phase before turning retrograde on the 29th of May.  We can wisely tie up projects and all lose ends, as this is not the best time to begin anything new or unplanned, till June 22nd.  The orb of communication will remain at odd ends till the 30th when it comes out of its storm and flies right.


       Next Sunday the 23rd, Saturn turns about retrograde in Capricorn.  We have nothing standing between us and making mistakes, so we are well advised to think and think again, especially during the retrograde of June. 

     Venus turns into Gemini on the 30th of May, where we tend to think, want, and desire things and people quickly, without much consideration beforehand on why we want.  A wise way to handle Venus in Gemini is to dance instead!!

     Memorial Day is observed on Monday the 31st.

     Mars will come home to Cancer on the 6th of June, also known as D Day.  Mars is stilled in Cancer, not being able to go forward and conquer.  This is a good time to confine our conquests to video games.  No home repair or decoration now!!

     June 10th is the new moon in Taurus.  Something is going to happen on or just before that day, something important but which will have limited duration and consequence.

     We are wise indeed to write things down in our journal about all that we celebrate. 





     A most important sign, Taurus, whose starry form can be seen in the caves of Lascaux, France, drawn by our pre-Adamic cousins in prehistoric times.  We remember that one of the images from the stable is that of the ox munching hay.  His predecessor, the Ass, also known as Aries, is beside him in attendance on the king of heavens nativity. 

     Taurus makes such a powerful impression because he is so powerful!!  From bull fighting to bulls eyes, he is everywhere.  His heavenly frame hosts the Pleiades star cluster, and the Hyades, a smaller, airier version of the Seven Sisters.  These unique stargates were used since ancient times as time-keepers, time gates!!

     The Heavenly Bull reigns from May 15 through June 15!! 

      The Recording Angel of Taurus is a Royal Star, known since the beginning days, before Eden.  Known as Aldebaran, this is the guise of Michael the Archangel.  Luke the physician apostle is closely allied with the sign of the Bull, as the Recorder of events on earth; Taurus is an earth sign which loves solid facts and security!  Luke was a physician, and Taurus usually enjoys great good health in a strong stout body.  He observes, records, and remembers everything as Jesus' Recording Angel, and these things are written down in the Lambs Book of Life.  

     Closely linked to Taurus is the spotless beauty of the angel of Grace and Charity, Venus.  She brings the Lords lavish gifts to us with celebration and gratitude!  When we accept this sweet light, we become a fountain of good gifts through which God supplies the entire world.  Look at the 5 fishes which fed a multitude!  This is the example of Venus.

     Those things and people and experiences which you value the most show in the area of Taurus in your heavenly blueprint.  These are important to acknowledge honestly and deal with directly!

     The lands of Taurus are all of India, as far as Burma.

      Taurus is not just spring and hunter green, rose quartz pink, but also red-orange.

     Taurus are strong minded individuals who are Overcomers!!  A hurdle is a red flag to a heavenly bull!! The most powerful of the earth signs, they are very connected to earthly materials. The keynote of a Taurus life is love, and their life journey is often to transmute the love of personal possessions into a self-sacrificing service.

   As a Taurus, we are enduring!  We will plod along, rush along, rage along, but we will get there, make no mistake!! We often take our time about it, and do it our own way, at our own pace; bank on it!!

   Red-orange energy is the integration of both our physical and emotional bodies. Red is the energy of passion: orange, sensing abilities. This energy is abundant in blood oranges, and can be obtained by juicing beetroot, carrots, and red apples like Delicious.

   The coral is the perfect gemstone.

  Judging the character by the names of the stars in the sign, the Taurus knight is A Leader of The Wounded, or The Slain, of The Congregation; he Belongs To The Judge; he is at The Center of the Foundation. 

      The Pleiades and the Hyades lie in Taurus. 

     The stars of the sign itseslf are named The Bull Coming or Ruling, The One Who Saves Mightily, The Head, The Traveler Who Come to save, The Station of Who Comes To Save;  Savior. The Leader, Governor, Wounded, Slain, Center, The Heap (Pleiades), The Congregation (Hyades), Belonging to the Judge, Abundance, Foundation, The Center, The Turned Around.




    During the first decanate of Taurus we hear the clarion call of Orion the Hunter as the sun comes up. 

     Orion was a giant, a dedicated hunter who was killed by Scorpio, sent by the earth for killing too many of her animals. 

     This constellation is also known as The Mighty Hunter Before the Lord, a Watcher or a son of a Watcher who defied God and inspired the cities of Babylon and the Tower of Babel to be built.

     From his belt hangs the cast-down Watcher Shemjaza, tied by one foot, with one eye open, forced to observe the effects of his interference with mankind.

     The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Coming Branch, Hastily, and The Treading Underfoot.  

     Those people and relationships born under these stars are constant in affections and tenacious, with strong likes and dislikes.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 



     The second decanate of the Bull sees the summer sun rises as does the celestial River Eridanus.  Many consider the Nile its earthly counterpart, but more important is the Jordan.  We wonder if this one is the river of Psalm 46, which makes glad the city of God…and we think of Edgar Cayce’s quote, that ‘there is a river’.

 The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The River; The Flowing; The Waters Going Forth.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are deliberate, conservative, with unusually active minds and studious, forceful personalities.  

The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 



    In the last phase of Taurus, Auriga the Lame Charioteer, who is also a Shepherd, ushers in the sun.  While we can’t miss the obvious, we have to remember that this Driver includes goats in his team of horses.  It is from a goats horn that the Cornucopia was made!

The individual names for the stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of The Shepherd, The Driver, Who Holds The Reins, and The She Goat.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are careful, patient, stable, enduring, and of thrifty and careful spirit.  The wise and prudent will consider her actions and issues through this lens. 



When Christ took pen in hand, He wrote:

And to the angel Haniel that guides the congregation of Taurus, write:

'So says the Son of Yahweh, He who has {eyes like a flame of fire and} feet like brass.

'I know your life is dedicated entirely to Me, as your works and your lives prove!  In fact, your devotion to Me is now greater than it was in the beginning!  Your love has grown in a way that brings tears to my eyes.

'There is just one little problem, being your offshoot church, Ma Bell, who admits to being my prophetess but speaks in a tricky, ambiguous, flip flop kind of way that seems to be accommodating, or worse, justifying, the peoples continued backsliding and sinning.  She has no problem with common law marriage, if they go even that far, and thinks food stamps are OK for good Christian people.

'I Myself have sent her notice that this is not My intention that My people have any part of a government, or government subsidy, or a government program.  She doesn't seem to be getting My message, so I wonder who she is really listening to and working for...

'I want to remind you what I have said to you before, to be in this World but not a part of it.  If you are a part of it, you are in for your share of it's sorrows and punishment and destruction.  It should be self evident!  Wise up!!  

'So I say again, to all of Taurus but especially to those who have refused the handshake of the devil and to get into collusion with him, that I will not bring any more burden upon you.  Whatever you have now, hold on, hold on with all your might, until I come home again.

'He who keeps his self-sufficiency and remains true to Me will become the new government of the New Eden, the Restored Earth, to devise natural, unbreakable rules.  I have gotten these rules and this authority from Yahweh, creator of the universe, and the rules will be like gravity, or mathematics.  

'And you will be as beautiful and as seen as the morning star!


'Say this to ALL the churches!!'

In modern parlance, He said:

    To Taurus, those blessed signs ruled over by Hagiel, also known as Venus!  This angel also has charge of Thyatira, and all the Venus-ruled.

     In His letter to this angel in Revelations, Jesus was full of the warmest praise! The Venus-ruled excel in love of God, in perfect faith, in good works, in patient endurance of waiting while undergoing constant improvement in character.  These good followers of the Good Shepherd and lovers of God actually increase in their steadfastness and loving- kindness as they go on.

     Jesus is less than pleased by our toleration of Jezebel, a prophetess of some renown and influence, who teaches unwary Christians 'the deep things of Satan', or arguments in favor of atheism, and the practice of total immorality.  This tendency to copy the ways of our pagan neighbors is noted in history as what the Sophisticated tend to do. Jesus wonders aloud why we view obvious deviation from His Word with equanimity, and allow the idolatry of communism within our own church. He points out that the result of slow steady compromise with world is immorality in our own soul.

     And, He suggests we drop such artifices!

     He promises us here that He will repay each one of us according to our deeds. 

     In this letter Jesus affirms His identity as the Morning Star and that in time, we will share that identity, image, and likeness!!

     In John 11:25, Jesus says, 'I AM the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me, even though he die, yet shall live.' 

     The sun slowly slides in sidereal Aries, melting toward Taurus.

      The new moon of Tuesday the 11th is the fertile, dark shadow made to plant seeds in the soul.  Occurring in sidereal Aries, this new moon is all about direction, where to push, how to jump over impediments.

     Wednesday brings us a perfect afternoon for romance!!  Venus and the moon chiming together with the flower girl in her home sign of green, affectionate Taurus brings sweetness to the surface.

     Thursday has us thinking straight all morning long about ecology, our personal possessions, and boundaries. 

     Friday in the middle of May is made for socializing!!

     The spring sun ambles into calm, secure Taurus at 8 53 AM Pacific time on Saturday the 15th of May.  As evening draws the curtain and the summer stars shine, we find more than one surprise!!

      A smoother, more serious and productive season ahead in the peace-loving, playful sign of the Bull!




     Mercury turns green in Taurus!!  We want to talk about the planet, ecology, the best way to really save our delightful home planet from all its threats and woes.

    Mercury turns green in Taurus!!  We want to talk about the planet, ecology, the best way to really save our delightful home planet from all its threats and woes.

     Now is the time to think about and set boundaries!!  As in gardens, all things in order!!




     Venus, the brightest star in our skies, the one which can cast its own shadow on moonless nights, is also known as the Morning or Evening Star.  Her trajectory traces one upright star shape every eight years, and one reversed pentagram the next eight years.  She is quite an enigma on so many levels!!  Venus is called the long-haired star. 

     Venus describes value, values, what we value and how we attract. 

     The planet itself is never very far away from the overwhelming rays of the sun, which is why most of us are never really sure whether we are feeling our own emotions, or those of someone very powerful or close to us.


     Venus rules from her home sign, Taurus, and life will glow with beauty, grace, and a stubbornness born of the bulls eye!! Beautiful things take root now, and blossom quickly!




     Mars describes how we go about getting what we want, but not what we want.  We pursue, chase, aspire to and drive toward with Mars.

     Mars dances in Gemini, and our social life will get really hectic!  The relationships we already have may take on a quickness, a superficiality, a tension, hard to describe.  As Mercury is still in Aries and combust, we won’t be able to put our feelings into words, always frustrating and dangerous.  Let’s try not to fight!!




     Jupiter the supersizer of the cosmic mix bobs in sidereal Aquarius, broadening our horizons and expanding our views!!

     This is a great time for science, all the sciences, and we would be wise to make that investigation a priority, for our own peace of mind.  We can expect this year, 2021 to 2022, to see a lot more Wikileaks, Project Veritas, and other breaking news!!





     The real culprit behind the riots, the military in the capitals, is the higher martial vibration of Mars higher self, Uranus.  Aries and Mars go together like hand in glove, and now Aries hosts Uranus, the cosmic hand grenade, direct and in touch with himself.  Uranus is the one planet that cannot be used as an indicator or as a prediction of anything but the is His star, by the way, as it was visible to the naked eye in the night sky at His birth in 3 BC.  Called the Awakener, and the Disturber, Uranus threw us a curve!!  How like our adorable savior to do it with panache!!  He inspires Revolution.



     The frozen titans of the solar family remain somewhat steadfast through this century.


     Saturn is ruling from his home sign of Capricorn at the Top of the zodiac, keeping status quo static.  We need some form of stability now, not that things are great, but they could be so much worse.  The Lord of the Rings will remain at the Top of the zodiac till January 24th of 2023, what????  The next election year!

     Uranus the great cosmic hand grenade bouncing through Aries has woken the revolutionary in all of us!!  We are made aware of beheadings for a reason.  We must take into account where we are headed!!

     Neptune in Aquarius brings up the best ideals, like sandcastles or fairy vistas in the clouds.  We can't live in them.

     Neptune has so many close associations with Pisces, our own sign as it passes beyond the Gate of God.  Religious fervor, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, as well as delusion, illusion, addiction to drugs and to intense emotional shocks to the system, all so evident in our daily life now as the Age gasps the final breath.  Neptune is also the planet of communism, a plague of satanic envy and destructiveness, which we now call socialism as communism light.  In Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood and ideals, this all sounds terrifically fair and workable!!  Except when we try to put it to earth and make it work materially, because it brings out the worst in human nature, not the best.  It was spawned in hell by the enemy of our kind, so how can good come from it?  Be serious.  And the Scandinavian countries are not socialist- just ask them.  They are free market economies that are heavily taxed on an emasculated middle class.

      Neptune in its own sign of sidereal Pisces begins in January 2024, the next election year.


        Pluto rises to the top of the zodiac, Capricorn at 0 degrees, as is the ruler of the sign, Saturn.  The planet of NO!! extends a clamp down on finances and on the 'president.'  We might as well face it, Star Travelers, our country is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, and these wild spending policies are just the kind of impetus to send it over the edge.  As the economy is still not open in many places after a year in lockdown, Americans are going to be in rebellious and angry mood, and we are not the gentlest populace at the best of times. 

     Pluto spends the time inching through Capricorn, but zeros out again on the 27th of June till backing into Sagittarius, karmically, on the 10th of August.  It remains at the karmic degree of the Law and all legal affairs till zeroing again on the 2nd of December 2021.  Our exact Pluto return occurs on the 27th of March 2023 through June of that year.  


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